Australia to Work with Allies to Stop CCP from Building Military Bases in Solomon Islands

According to AFP 8, Australian Prime Minister Morrison said Sunday that Australia will work with its allies to stop the Chinese Communist Party from establishing a military base in the Solomon Islands.  

China’s growing influence in the Pacific has also become a hot political issue during the Australian presidential election, following Beijing’s announcement in April that it had signed a security agreement with the Solomon Islands. According to sources, Morrison has been criticized for failing to prevent communist China from signing the security agreement in a region where it has traditionally had a lot of influence and causing Morris’s conservative government to fall behind the opposition in recent polls.

In Sunday’s televised debate, Opposition Labor leader Anthony Albanese described it as a “major foreign policy failure”. Under the security agreement, the Chinese Communist Party may establish a military base in the Solomon Islands. Morrison responded that establishing a Chinese military base in the Solomon Islands would cross a “red line” and that “Australia will work with its partners to ensure that this does not happen.”


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Published by: Wenwu

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