Miles Guo: Revocation of HK Free Trade Zone means war


Author: Seamoon



On June 29, 2020, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross stated the revocation of Hong Kong Special Status because of CCP forcing its national security law to be implemented in Hong Kong.

However, those who have followed the Whistleblower Movement can not say they are surprised as Miles Guo, the leader of the movement, told them in 2019 during his broadcast. He said that the revocation of the HK Free Trade Zone would be the start of the war between CCP and the U.S. and would cause turbulence and earthquake in the worldwide economic field, which would eventually reorder the world. Long-term investors from Israel and European countries and funds based in Wall Street would have a hard time dealing with the situation.

Hong Kong’s issue is never as simple as a regional matter. Instead, its prosperity and stability affect the whole world from various aspects. Now CCP is going on its way to force a law that destroys the “One Country Two System” policy and is challenging not only the core status of the U.S. but the world as well. People certainly can not allow that to happen.

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