Multi-million dollars rescue of Hao Haidong’ son / A potential Chinese version of Khashoggi

Hao Runze, the son of Chinese soccer legend Hao Haidong, was followed by spies of CCP in Serbia and almost got kidnapped to CCP-controlled China by them. Thanks to the secret power of the whistleblower movement, Hao Runze was successfully rescued.

The legendary couple, Hao Haidong and Ye Zhaoying living in Spain, have been threatened and harassed by CCP ever since they publicly supported anti-CCP whistleblower movement and announced the declaration of The New Federal State of China on 4th June 2020. After failing to get them extradited back to CCP-controlled China, CCP started to target their son Hao Runze, who’s been playing professional soccer in Serbia. 

When Hao Runze drove back to Spain from Serbia with his friend a few days after 4th June, he was stopped at the Serbia border by the Serbia border troop. To his surprise they asked him to confirm his father’s name and ordered him to report to the CCP embassy as the CCP ambassador had alleged priorly that Hao Runze’s residency permit was expired and needed to be renewed. Hao Runze quickly realised it was a trap to lure him to the CCP embassy because his residency permit was still valid according to the Spanish immigrant residency policy. Knowing he was in great danger, Hao Runze quickly called his father and Hao haidong contacted Miles Guo immediately.

After realising the severity of the case, Miles Guo instantly contacted his associates in Europe for help. According to them, the Serbia government acted as a puppet controlled by Russia and CCP; ever since Runze’s father Hao Haidong anticipated the declaration of The New Federal State of China, Hao Runze had been tailed by CCP agents in Serbia. The Spanish Intelligence Department was also aware that CCP had been eyeing on the Haos’. Previously CCP contacted the Spanish government several times to get Hao Haidong’s family extradited due to alleged crimes such as money laundering etc. and was refused by the Spanish government as there was no proof the Hao’s family had committed those crimes.

To ensure the rescue was 100% successful, Miles Guo and Steve Bannon organised 3 private jets – one Dassault, one Bombardier and one Hawker – from US to sprint to Spain in full speed to take Hao Runze home out of Serbia. The saving process went smoothly – after 3 hours Hao runze united with his family in Spain.

We can’t imagine what would happen to him if Hao Runze was taken by the CCP. Would he end up being another Jamal Khashoggi? Or would he be captured prisoner for the rest of his life just as many other Communism Pagans? But we do know that CCP would use him as a hostage to threat his father, Hao haidong, after all CCP has been using this dirty tactic all the time against the Chinese people, and the puppets they control.

By: Apple-椰子哦耶

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10 months ago

hope everyone can be rescured from CCP.



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