Hong Kong Schools Geared to Indoctrinate the National Security Law

Author: GS

Editor: 诰佑 

Hong Kong Education Bureau planned to educate students on the National security Law. The Education Secretary, Yang Runxiong, promoted the law for its importance in the safety of Hong Kong and the mainland. He said students needed to master the contents of the laws, realize its importance, and live the fundamental principles. The Bureau has included the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, the Basic Law of Hong Kong and the National Anthem Act in various courses. It would be the same as the National Security Law. 

 The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) embedded the extended indoctrination in its education system. The curriculum glorified obedience while the party tightening its grips of China. They aimed to encode engineered values in children before they develop personal judgment. Throughout their education, patriotism equaled loyalty to the party. In colleges, mandatory classes included The Fundamentals of Marxism, Maoism, and Chinese Socialism. They reinforced ideologies rooted in each generation.

In name of safeguarding national interests, the CCP reaffirmed its domination of Hong Kong. The National Security Legislation bypassed the independent judicial process of Hong Kong. The CCP propagandized the law’s popularity among all walks of life. But, thanks to the internet, people broke through the firewalls and seek out the truths. The forced indoctrination would only remind the students to bring down the devils.

Source: https://news.163.com/20/0626/21/FG304OBB00018AOQ.html

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