Experienced Forensic Doctor: Female Corpse Found Naked is Suspicious

An experienced forensic doctor Dr. Philip Beh said that in general, cases of fatal fall from height and floating corpses would undergo an autopsy to determine the cause of death unless the family objects or a testament has been found on site.

“Performing autopsy on floating corpses can determine whether drowning is the cause of death or not. This is, for instance, by proving whether the person was still breathing when entering water”.

Dr. Beh admitted that the possibility of passing out before being dumped in the water cannot be excluded. Therefore, the initial investigation by the police is very important. Regarding the case of 15-year-old Chan, Dr. Beh indicated whenever a female corpse was discovered naked or inappropriately dressed, the case would be classified as suspicious: “What did the person wear before the death? Was there any chance of her clothes being removed? Why were her clothes removed? These questions have to be answered.”

He believed that the police are skilled in carrying out investigation via surveillance camera footages. When the society is in a highly insecure state, all parties involved in the investigation should explain what they know: “The spot where the person entered the water and the clothes she last wore should be reported. This would at least show that the investigation had been carried out seriously”.

Source: Apple Daily, http://bit.ly/2OJGmcu

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Oct. 16, 2019