Heaven Echoes With Lightning: God’s Will to End CCP

Author:  Sun, Group: Children of Light (阳光之子)

Editor: Justice After All (正义之师)

Miles Guo and Steve Bannon proclaimed the establishment of the New Federal State of China on Jun 4, 2020!

On Jun 4th, 2020, a historical moment at sea not far from the Statue of Liberty, Miles Guo and Steve Bannon, revealed and declared the establishment of the New Federal State of China (NFSC). The gloomy nimbus cloud was threatening a down pour at any moment, but it magically drifted away to make room for the life-changing event of the Chinese people and the world when Miles proclaimed the founding of the New Federal State of China. Three lightning flashes brightened the calm night sky in the distance, when Miles vowed with his blood to take down the CCP totalitarian regime from its root. The simultaneous acts in heaven and on earth conferred that Miles’ was born to overthrow the CCP.

The heaven, a divine witness sending his thunderbolt with no thunderous rumbling, marked his presence to the solemn ceremony by giving his glorious support to Miles and Chinese people. Miles asserted during the live broadcast that “Today, I solemnly swear with my blood that I will protect our Declaration with my life and it will be achieved. My dear brothers and sisters, today I used my blood to prove that we can….(pause while his bit his finger)….Brothers and Sisters, I use my blood, this finger. I can’t use that finger (of the left hand). I’m using this one (of the right hand). I bit my finger, in front of all my brothers and sisters, to prove our future. I’m going to protect a dignified and respectable China that pursues democracy and freedom with my blood. Chinese people call it “a noble contract signed with the blood of the finger”. Mark my words, my brothers and sisters, that we will annihilate (the) CCP. Brothers and Sisters, I’m not going to jump off the building yet and I will stay alive to annihilate CCP with all of you.”  Apparently, the higher power has assured the world that CCP’s doomed day is coming.

In ancient China, the right to rule is granted by heaven or known as Mandate of Heaven (天命). It is based on the virtues or mercy of the ruler that they  shall rule justly, fairly and wisely. Dynasties come and go by following a dynastic cycle of renewal; from newborn to becoming an expired dynasty which is termed as losing the Mandate of Heaven. When a dynasty was in control of China, they had the “Mandate of Heaven”. The Mandate of Heaven is a Confucian concept claiming that emperor is instated by Heaven. A dynasty could lose the Mandate of Heaven if the emperor was not accepted by the people, and he could be overthrown and replaced by another dynasty and an emperor who had the new “Mandate of Heaven”. Rivaling dynasties used the Mandate of Heaven as a way to justify the political unrest the rivalries brought.

This dynastic cycle is still very much relevant in this modern world, particularly for the CCP. Dynasty is run by a dictator or a family of dictators, making all the subjects their slaves. CCP is an illegal government which cheated itself into power 70 years ago. Increasingly, CCP starts to witness unprecedented droughts, floods, famine and pestilence within China and many more other natural or man-made disasters are forecasted. Being the opposite of an armed bandit that overthrew the past dynasty as CCP did, the establishment of the New Federal State of China, along with the mandate of the 1.4 billion people, is a heavy and life-threatening punch to CCP’s guts. The illegal CCP is now placed on the death row, further confirmed by the lightning flashes that a change is in imminent. Does God speak through lightning?

Zeus, God of Gods painted by ZabaLukas

Zeus is the god of the sky, lightning and the thunder in Ancient Greek legends and the ruler of all the gods on Mount Olympus. As the sender of the thunder and lightning, rain and weather, he uses the thunderbolt as his weapon. He would punish wayward mortal and miscreants by hurling thunderbolts at them. When you see lightning flash, you would think of the thunderbolt god Zeus as he commands the lightning. Many religions believe that God communicates and speaks to us in many ways, one of which is by a sign. On the June 4th ceremony, a sign indicating that God now is on the bandwagon to abolish CCP too! 

Throughout history, lightning God unraveled his wrath on human many times. On June 26, 1807, a lightning strike a gunpowder factory in the small European country of Luxembourg, killing more than 300 people according to history.com. Luxembourg was occupied by Napoleon’s army and the French dictator, Napoleon, used the country to stockpile weapons and ammunition. The lightning struck the fortress where the ammunition was housed and triggered a massive explosion. Luxembourg had the best fortress in Europe and it was important for French to invade it after a 6 months blockage. Taking over Luxembourg was strategic for the dictator to annex more southern countries and God halted the dictator’s plan by depleting the gunpowder even when it is well kept under fortification.

Sometimes, God sent a sign when he is displeased. In modern times, February 12, 2013, lightning struck St. Peter’s Dome at the Vatican, just a few hours after Pope Benedict XVI made a shocking announcement to resign. It had been 600 years since a pope resigned from office. Without warning, this unexpected news shocked 1.1 billion Catholics in the world and many were left wondering if it’s a sign from heaven at the times when Vatican was plagued with blackmail, corruption, and gay sex scandals reported by the USA today.

Lightning strike Vatican image from bbc.com

However, by believing in God, it can save us from caving into our sinful nature when a sign from him appears. As in the case in ancient China, Emperor Hong Wu, who founded Ming Dynasty (reigned 1368 – 1398) realized he should listen to God, and he deciphered the sign that god manifested his displeasure when a lightning struck his palace. He was well known for his drastic political reform. He abolished the position of chancellor and took other draconian measures to address corruption. Many officials and their families were punished to death as a consequence without fair law system and proper trials. According to an anecdote noted by Ming dynasty writers, in 1380, after massive killing, a lightning bolt struck his palace and he quickly stopped the massacre. Knowing from his background as a monk prior to becoming an emperor, he was wise to interpret the sign as higher power was warning to punish him. Subsequently, Ming dynasty lasted for another 300 years but many brutal dynasties of tyrants were miserably much shorter. On the contrary, the tyrants of CCP have no notion of higher power or respect for lives of people, and they have already had themselves trapped in the valley of death waiting to be annihilated.

Without a doubt, a sign was given to Miles. God has heard all the pain and suffering under the tyranny of CCP. God has spoken through the Christian bible in the book of Psalm Chapter 97 verse 4, stating His lightning enlightened the world: the earth saw, and trembled”. During June 4th broadcast,Miles Guo set forth that “Our declaration of the NFSC has been blessed and approved by Heaven. Truly, we have been approved by Heaven. This power is so enormous. This is the first time in the Chinese history for the Chinese people to broadcast live, witnessing with their own eyes and participating in person the superpower, enormous power, outside of the CCP, in front of the whole world. Thank God for giving us this live broadcasting, for giving us the cameras, for letting us see that there is God!.” Miles, uncannily,in his speech synced up to the biblical verse.

The journey to overthrow the CCP is not an easy but an arduous one. Miles, in his own words, believes that “there are secret codes in our mother nature. There are heavens and gods beyond the earth”. The benign lightning is a sign that God is on board and he shares the burden in this journey; he will help us to clear any obstacles and fight with us together as stated in Book of Deuteronomy 31:8 “The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”  Beyond doubts, New Federal State of China needs the mandate from above and below as overthrowing a heinous dictatorship cannot be accomplished by solely men. The NFSC needs blessings from the higher power to enlighten and empower us who firmly believe in justice and freedom, and to  keep the collateral damage to a minimum. With this wisdom, NSFC will, without any doubt, prosper and change human history.


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