Who does Chinese Communist Party really serve for?

Author: Seamoon

CCP’s “generosity” at the cost of its own people can not be more obvious. Few days ago, President Xi announced to waive debts of several African countries to show the responsibility of a world major country. As generous as it seems like, it is Chinese people who have to suffer from the consequence as they are not only struggling to survive from this epidemic situation totally on their own but also being targeted when the government is desperately seeking for more money to save its doomed economy.

In this video, we see this young deliveryman sharing his experience of being fined by the police based on an unknown or even potentially non-existing rule. He was fined 500RMB, equal to 2-day wages, because of riding an e-bike on the roadway yet it turned out that there was no “non-roadway” built for people. Naturally, at the end of the video, he was rattled and had no mood to continue his work for the rest of the day.

There are many aspects we should look into in this video, including the legal system messed up by CCP, the heart-breaking living conditions of Chinese people, the lack of infrastructure and so forth. Whatever it is, it shows the incompetence of CCP’s ruling and how arrogant and ruthless it is to its own people. People couldn’t help wondering whether CCP serves Chinese people or anyone but Chinese people.

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