Breaking News: CCP offers Biden collusion evidence at Pompeo & Yang Jiechi meeting in Hawaii


The CCP has prepared a “big gift” for the Pompeo and Yang Jiechi meeting in Hawaii according to Lude News on YouTube at 8 PM ET on June 16.

At the height of the US-China trade and pandemic tensions, the Chinese Communist Party suddenly called for a “secret” meeting in Hawaii between Pompeo and Yang Jiechi.

Lude said during his live broadcast that the CCP is offering evidence to show Biden’s collusion with the CCP to “help” President Trump win his reelection in exchange for the extradition of six or more people including Miles Guo, Lude, Sara, and the hero scientist who came to the US with evidence to prove that the CCP-virus was lab-made.

Miles Guo is a Chinese dissident, the leader of the Whistleblowers Movement. Sara and Lude are the participants of the same movement as the founder of VOG and a YouTuber respectively.

The CCP is regarding Miles and company as its most dangerous enemies, especially after the establishment of the New Federal State of China on Jun 4, 2020, on the 31 anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

The Whistleblowers Movement and the CCP virus have made the world see the clear and present danger from the CCP. A series of US policy changes toward the CCP make the latter see that its days are numbered. Extraditing Miles and company is the CCP’s desperate attempt for its survival.

But the CCP always plans multiple strikes at the same time to confuse and confront its enemies. While kissing up to the US in Hawaii, it is also stirring up conflicts on the Korean Peninsula and provoke India at the China-India border.

President Trump is among the CCP’s top threats if not the biggest, because his tough stance on the CCP will bring an end to the regime.

Mr. Lude and his guests on the Lude Show believed that the CCP planned to kill multiple birds with one stone without any intention to help Trump win his reelection.

On the other hand, Biden is the CCP’s preferred winner of the 2020 US presidential election. Mr. Biden established a close relationship with the CCP especially during his days in the Obama administration as the Vice President of the United States.

Mr. Miles Guo hinted on Tuesday during his live broadcast on G-TV ( that good news would come from Hawaii, without offering further details. Some believed that Pompeo might give the CCP an ultimatum.

Miles also said that three to four official entities and governments are meeting with the New Federal State of China this afternoon to forge an anti-CCP coalition to accelerate the demise of the CCP. “You cannot even imagine what is going on,” said Miles. “Many exciting events are unfolding (in relation to the Whistleblowers Movement). Please transfer your money out of China and leave the country if you can. The CCP will crumble soon.

“You really don’t know what is going on. The demise of CCP is within sight. Hawaii (meeting) will turn into a nightmare for the CCP.”

Miles said that many governments, including Belgium, Washington, New York, Tokyo, and Moscow are actively preparing for a world without the CCP.

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