VOA Director & Deputy Director step down, a belated victory

Voice of America Director Amanda Bennett and Deputy Director Sandy Sugawara stepped down on Monday, after being replaced by Michael Pack. It’s a belated victory as the US government is fighting against the CCP’s “unrestricted warfare”.

The world witnessed the CCP’s deep infiltration in VOA and the US government after it cut short a live interview with Miles Guo on April 19, 2017 (419 Incident). It took three years to change the corrupted leadership in VOA. Amanda Bennett, whose husband has many business ties with communist China, and other alleged undercover CCP spies turned VOA into a media outlet obeying the CCP.

Miles Guo could not help wondering if the US could have avoided all the recent disasters and deaths, had it listened to his warnings in its entirety about the threats from the CCP on April 19, three years ago.

The significance of VOA’s 419 Incident:

  • Let the Americans see how deeply the CCP has infiltrated the US media outlets and how powerful the CCP’s BGY (B=Hacking, G=Bribery, Y=Seduction) is
  • Let the Americans differentiate the CCP from the Chinese people. The CCP cannot represent China or the Chinese people.

Excerpts from Miles Guo’s recent comments on VOA

It was the first time for the shocking truth to be exposed to the Americans about the CCP’s threat and erosion to the American’s core values.

Since the VOA incident on April 19, 2017, the CCP has committed a series of crimes against humanity and human rights, especially the murder, rape and gang rapes in Hong Kong.

Then the CCP broke the international rules and regulations.

The media has been taken over, controlled and threatened.

Then the corona virus was unleashed.

All the media outlets in the world were silenced and controlled.

The subsequent coverup of the corona virus caused over one hundred thousand deaths and millions of infections in the US, and hundreds of thousands of deaths and tens of millions of infections in the world.

All the unbelievable crimes against humanity and human rights occurred after April 19, 2017, as aftermaths of the VAO Incident.

I believe that all the tragedies could have been avoided had the VOA maintained its integrity as an independent media on April 19 to report the truth through the events occurred within the CCP.

Amanda’s departure from VOA is not a resignation.

She should tell the truth about how her family and herself got wealthy from colluding with the CCP’s high official Wang Qishan.

I think she committed crimes.

The US should investigate her.

Never let the crooks escape.

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10 months ago

One less CCP propagandist is a good start. Defund police? Absolutely not. Defund VOA? Absolutely YES.