CCP’s Secret Plan Foretold and Dismantled by Miles Guo

Author: FineFood

During the peak of the Anti-Extradition protests of Hong Kong, Mr. Miles Kwok leading the Whistleblower Movement urged the US government to actively intervene, so he told in a video on 3rd September 2019. He opined that if the US had decided to stand aloof, the Americans would have to bear the ramifications, too.

Guo forecasted that the CCP would first demonise the US, Taiwan and the people of Hong Kong within China to cement the solidarity of the 1.4 billion nationals. With this support, they would move to take over Hong Kong and even Taiwan. Countries in poor relationship with the US like North Korea, Turkey, etc. would stand firmly with the CCP. The camp could then expand to cover 60 to 70 more countries, big enough to develop into a self-sufficient circle rivalling that led by the America.

The gist of Guo’s estimation could be put simply – the CCP would endeavour to undermine the confidence in the US among other countries with the aim of carving the power of global influence from America.

But how correct was he? The CCP had been ordering its internet army to smear the US non-stop. Even after the US had passed the Hong Kong Democracy and Human Rights Act, the CCP still imposed the national security law by circumventing Hong Kong’s legislative body. We can see how ambitious the CCP is and how well Guo really understands them.

Luckily, instead of joining hands with CCP, more countries are alert to its true intention now. The CCP’s aggressive diplomacy yields nothing but annoyance. Nothing can go back and probably we can count the days of the final period of their existence.

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7 months ago

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11 months ago

Nothing brings a country together when a totalitarian dictator, like Winnie the Pooh, forces his people to hate other countries. That coupled with unmitigated surveillance of its 1.4B citizens is great for moral like it was in WWII Nazi Germany.

Xi will be held accountable for his war crimes and crimes against humanity.

11 months ago

Xi is one of them, the most terrible kleptocrats in highest level of CCP.