Further speech-restricting on Weibo pushed by CCP

Author: B. Barc

Sina Weibo (or Microblog) is one of the most popular social media in China with more than 400 million users. On 12 June, it announced a new rule that since the evening of the same day the users will not be allowed to comment to the microblog publisher whom they have followed less than seven days if the users are not being followed by the publisher. The reason given was that plenty of luring information directing to unlawful websites, like online gambling and pornography trading, has to be restrained for a better experience of users.

Regardless of the fact that it is just being a trial rule for seven days as the platform had claimed, many users commented questioning the rationality of this rule. The most liked comment to it said, “This rule is not fully considered, as if rumor or fake news be published many other knowledge users could not be able to debunk it in time”. “This is just public opinion control,” the most liked following comment echoed it, “It is the junk information should be suppressed rather than the normal users.”

A similar rule has been released by Weibo in September of 2018. Since then, if one user is blocked by the microblog publisher whom he comments to, this user would not be allowed to comment to any other publisher for three days. It was trail rule too.

Source: https://m.bjnews.com.cn/detail/159196733115441.html

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