China Completed Largest U.S. Corn Purchase

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The U.S. Government said on Monday April 4th, that the Chinese buyers bought 1.084 million tons of U.S. corn, their biggest purchase of U.S. grain since May 2021.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) said this deal will be carried out in two deliveries, 676,000 tons will be delivered in the 2021/22 marketing year that ends Aug. 31st, and 408,000 tons to be delivered in 2022/23. 

Image Source: Reuters

As the world’s fourth largest exporter of corn, the freight transport routes for grains exports are not functioning normally in Ukraine, due to the war disaster of the Russian invasion.  The war affected the reliability of food supplies and even disrupted spring ploughing in Communist China, which is the largest buyer of Ukrainian corn.  Spring ploughing in the United States has also been influenced.  USDA said that U.S. farmers plan to cut their corn plantings this spring despite the strong global demand, with high prices for inputs such as fuel and fertilizer cutting into potential profits for growing the corn.


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