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On March 30, 2022, The Epoch Times reported that some mainland experts disclosed that “more than half of the confirmed cases were infected during the nucleic acid testing process”. Recently, a citizen released a video to expose that the authorities reused sampling swabs when conducting nucleic acid tests for citizens. 

Netizens bitterly criticized: “One swab for multiple stabs, is it for epidemic prevention? Or are you trying to spread it?” With the recent outbreak of epidemics across the Communist Party of China, nucleic acid screening has been carried out on a large scale across the country, and people have continued to expose the chaos in nucleic acid screening.

On the 29th, a video about a nucleic acid testing site somewhere in the mainland went viral on the Internet. The video shows that nucleic acid testing is being carried out for local residents at a nucleic acid testing point in a community. The work flow of the nucleic acid testing point is fairly normal, including that residents who are tested wear masks; residents maintain a distance of more than 1 meter; staff check residents’ personal valid documents, etc. In the video, in front of the nucleic acid sampling table, a staff member holds a sampling swab (cotton swab) to sample the oropharynx of a woman in a green shirt. Subsequently, the staff member did not save the sampling swab independently, but continued to perform oropharyngeal sampling for the next woman.

The repeated use of sampling swabs by the above-mentioned staff will lead to the risk of cross-infection among the tested citizens, causing heated discussions among netizens. Many netizens said: “This is intentional murder!” “Is it crazy not to change cotton swabs? The fight against the epidemic under the control of the CCP is simply a farce and a way to make money.”

Expert: More than half of confirmed cases were infected during nucleic acid testing

Every time a new case occurs in a city in the mainland, local authorities will organize nucleic acid testing for all staff, and large-scale nucleic acid testing conducted across the mainland is considered a source of cross-infection. “People’s Information” published an article on December 31, 2021 entitled “Do nucleic acid testing! The doctor tells you what to pay attention to”, according to Zhang Jingling, head nurse of the emergency department of the Third People’s Hospital of Kunming City, “In view of the diagnosis of the new coronavirus in Xi’an City More than half of the people were infected during the nucleic acid detection process, in order to avoid such things from continuing to happen, we also remind citizens that when the citizens come to do the nucleic acid test, they should not go forward immediately after the test is finished, and they should not take it immediately. Put on your mask and open your mouth to wait for sampling.”

 People’s Information, a media affiliated to the Communist Party’s “People’s Daily”, also reported that “more than half of the people diagnosed with the new coronavirus in Xi’an were infected during the nucleic acid testing process.” Regarding the phenomenon of cross-infection caused by nucleic acid testing, the CCP continues to suppress the truth. On January 8, 2022, the client of the CCP media “People’s Daily” even “refuted rumors” that the information was seriously inaccurate and asked the public not to believe it.

The Chinese Communist Party’s psychology is so dark that whenever it can do one thing, it wants to do two things. If he can win once, he definitely wants to win twice. As for the people’s business, it is not a matter of anything, as long as the propaganda is done well, it is a big win.


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