The Stealthy CCP’s South Pacific Infiltration Sparks Fear Across Australia And The Solomon Islands

Mar. 29th, 2022

Smoke rises from a burnt out buildings in Honiara’s Chinatown after riots in November 2021 AFP via Getty Images

A recent story published on Mailonline on 28th March 2022, reports on the alarming evidence that the evil CCP are stealthily surrounding Australia’s north side with the tyrannical regime’s secret campaign to wield influence over small South Pacific nations, muscling in on their seaports and eyeing off strategic patches of land and potentially encircling Australia with military forces.

A recently leaked document outlining the details of a security agreement between the evil CCP regime and the Solomon Islands sent shockwaves through Canberra last week, with the agreement opening the door for a Chinese military base and permanent police presence on Australia’s doorstep. The controversial news had alarm bells ringing as the communist superpower has also been dumping money into Papua New Guinea and Timor Leste for years under the guise of development, prompting fears China may already have its hooks deep into Australia’s regional partners.

This is yet another example of China’s debt trap scenario, where China will lend poorer countries billions of dollars for so-called infrastructure and transportation development. When actually what happens is the corrupt politicians pocket loads of money and then default on the loan and then surprise surprise, China claims the land, ports, buildings as part of the re-payment plan.

The draft security agreement states the Solomon Islands could request China to send police, armed police, military personnel and other law enforcement including armed forces to the country. It also apparently notes China may make ship visits, to carry out logistical replenishment, and have stop-overs and transitions in the Solomon Islands.

With tensions simmering in the Solomon Islands since Prime Minister Sogavare broke off diplomatic relations with Taiwan in favour of Beijing’s money in September 2019 things are not looking good for the citizens of these beautiful and remote islands, is there anywhere safe from the pressures of the heavy-handed, human right’s violating and global peace threatening CCP?

It seems the power-hungry CCP is looking to expand its ability to project force around the globe and the South Pacific is not immune to that, so with the recently polarised weak Australian government who constantly look to kowtow to the authoritarian CCP regime and clearly allowing this to happen on its doorstep, is it time for other global powers to get involved in this obvious threat to global stability before its too late.

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