Under the Rule of the CCP, Telling the Truth Is a Sin

Translated by: Ermat

Image Source: www.rfa.org

People live in the world with a mouth. Some use this mouth to speak, some use this mouth not to speak, some use this mouth to speak nonsense. Recently China has been full of fences and nucleic acid, life has lost its beauty and happiness. People are caught like dogs and pigs for nucleic acid testing, and when endangered, whole areas are blockaded. The zeroing policy not only creates more disasters and social chaos, but also tears humanity apart even further. The Chinese Communist Party is taking the Chinese further into the abyss.

A few days ago, I saw a video recorded by a young girl whose online name is “so hard to tell the truth”. She sparked a wave of arguments about the current dissatisfaction and protests. On March 20, she posted another video saying: citizens abroad can buy kits for testing. She said she was just an ordinary citizen complaining, and others said she was a razor for foreign forces. She said that she didn’t understand. I didn’t block the road, I didn’t block the community, and it wasn’t me who called you down to do nucleic acid work. I just stated the facts. How could I become handing knives to others?

Many people say that you are a clown jumping on the beam. I don’t care. I don’t care what you think. I don’t want to let my life go on like this, and I don’t want my normal life to be affected. I want to enjoy cherry blossoms in this spring rainy season. I want to taste delicious food, I want to meet people I want to meet, I want to see my friends, I want to do something I want to do, instead of being unable to do anything at home every day, and then watching my wallet get taken out, and my days going by in vain.

I like the saying in the book of Amos, “May justice roll on like a mighty river, and righteousness like a mighty river”, which Mr. Xiang Luo has said many times and I hope so too.

This is a girl with ideas, ideals, dreams, and more than that, courage and justice, someone who knows what is right, knows good from evil, knows truth from falsehood, and is the only person in the crowd who does not applaud. She knows there is a bondage and knows that she has to break free. If there were more fireflies like this, no more dark nights would be feared, and even the coldest days would be warm. But how can the Chinese Communist Party allow such people to speak out? 

The Chinese Communist Party does not want to see slaves like dogs and pigs stand up and become normal people, because normal people will lead to a normal society, then the lies of the Chinese Communist Party will be exposed, and the evil of the Chinese Communist Party will be exposed. Sure enough on March 24 I saw on the internet that she had disappeared and many people were looking for her. There was no more information about this beautiful and energetic girl, just like the Uyi girl who spoke out for the chained woman in Feng County last year.

It is the season of spring, but I am in a frozen mood. The May deadline for the vaccine disaster is approaching, there is all sorts of social unrest and turmoil, and the war on the internet is becoming more and more intense and brutal. People and people are being pulled apart by suppression, tearing and hatred like a pressure cooker on top of gas, ready to burst. 

Too many people everywhere have chosen to commit suicide because they are blocked from earning an income at home, unable to pay their mortgages, car loans and credit, and unable to face the despair brought on by the never-ending blockade. The communist state is like a purgatory on earth, so dark that you can’t see your fingers.



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