GT Online: Many Public Places in Beijing Closed for Epidemic Prevention

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According to NetEase on March 20, Many public places in Beijing were temporarily closed. At the same time, some trains from Beijing North Railway Station were suspended, causing concern.

The opening hours for the National Center for the Performing Art, part of Temple of Temple of Heaven, Phoenix Center, China Children’s Center Lao Niu Children’s Discovery Museum, part of Capital Museum, China Science and Technology Museum, Confucius Temple and Guozhijuan Museum, Beijing Zoo Polar Bear Museum, Yanhuang Art Museum were adjusted , many venues closed. This large-scale closure of public facilities is unusual. At a press conference in Beijing on the 20th, Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that as of then, the current outbreak in Beijing involved nine elderly people aged 60 and older and 12 children aged 12 and younger. Seven new cases of the virus infection were confirmed that day. The Omicron mutant strain is highly contagious and spreads quickly, and there is an increased risk of serious illness in the elderly.

Is it necessary to shut down large venues on such a large scale for only a few dozen infected cases? Because of the CCP’s consistent cover-up, the authenticity of the data is widely questioned. How serious could the epidemic be in Beijing, has it spread, or is it a means for the government to further strengthen control?

Source:注意!北京这些地方暂停对外开放~|中国科学技术馆|炎黄艺术馆|首都博物馆_网易订阅 (   

注意!北京北、呼和浩特东等站出发多趟列车停运|包头|集宁|乌兰察布|鄂尔多斯_网易订阅 (

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