Minneapolis Chaos: A Legitimate Protest or Plotted Riot?

By Yamap

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The tragic death of George Floyd as a result of Minneapolis police brutality has sparked widespread riots across the United States. The police officer and his three colleagues at the death scene were fired and an FBI investigation has been filed in the state. However, the unrest has deteriorated as the anarchic and radical-left extremists simply are not showing any patience for the final result to come out.

No doubt that people can mourn George Floyd’s death and they have all the rights to proceed with peaceful assembly to demand justice upon this tragedy. However the ongoing chaos is clearly a dishonor of the tragic loss of George Floyd.

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These agitators and groups, using Antifa tactics, have been exploiting the situation to turn peaceful protests into arson attacks and significant business and life destruction in various local communities to pursue their own violent agenda. Many stores were looted and police precincts and other properties got burned down. More than 40 cities have imposed curfews, potentially more to come, as demonstrators continue to riot violently against police force.

The remains of a Dollar Tree store smolders after protests in Minneapolis on May 28, 2020.

(The remains of a Dollar Tree store smolders after protests in Minneapolis on May 28, 2020. Patience Zalanga for TIME)

The timing is just too suspicious. After President Trump’s recent announcement of US sanctions on Hong Kong in response to CCP’s blatant move on national security law, these radicals hijacked the peaceful protests and fueled the riots across cities almost simultaneously. U.S. Attorney General William Barr said in his earlier statement that “it appears the violence is planned, organized and driven by anarchic and far left extremist groups, many of whom travel from outside the state to promote the violence.” The US government and officials need to seriously look into these violent activities and find out who is behind all these riots and the motive attached to these radical elements.

On the other hand, people have also found that there are groups of people, either in black or grey, acting as leaders at the scene to organize the riots in different locations. They are prepared with backpacks and delegate people with different tasks, such as distracting the police force; taking films; or stoking chaos. They have invisible earphones on them to communicate with each other to proceed with their moves.

Given the escalating tensions between CCP and the U.S, it would not be surprising to see CCP is probably a mastermind behind this. Thanks to The Whistleblower Movement, CCP’s evil “3F Plan” to “Foment weakness, Foment chaos and Foment destruction” in the U.S has been unveiled completely. This is just another CCP tactic to further implement its “3F Plan” by boiling the anger across U.S upon George Floyd’s death.

Sadly, the social media seems to be on the same side with CCP. Hu Xijin, a mouthpiece of CCP, sent out a completely disgraceful twitter earlier to insult those brave Hong Kong peaceful protestors defending for democracy, indicating they are the “mastermind” behind such violence. Ironically, Twitter has been conducting censorship against President Trump’s twitter posts, but allowing such outrageous comment on its platform.

Apart from leveraging its deep infiltration into the American societies and all its dark web and silent forces, CCP has also been recklessly reporting fake news in China, mocking the U.S government leadership to hold such violence and criticizing its democracy status in the name of “anti-racism” to facilitate its domestic brainwashing scheme.

Obviously CCP has been “going above and beyond” to divert the attention of the whole world amid the pandemic and growing global tensions, and distract international communities from their focus to fight against its evil regime. Regardless of all the malicious moves, the whole world is uniting and standing firm on their missions to take down the CCP.

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