A Video Letter to Trump from a Hong Kong Grandfather


Mr. President,

I want to thank my friend Jimmy Lai for producing and delivering this YouTube letter to you on behalf of the FREE citizens of Hong Kong.

The video you are watching now is showing the little known leaders of the Hong Kong’s heroic freedom movement in the last 12 months. These teenagers are mainly high school and college students. They are fighting to make HK a home of FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY AND RULE OF LAW, no different from the founding Fathers of the United States.

9,000 of them were arrested, many of them beaten, some raped and murdered; and all of them are waiting to be prosecuted. They will not be able to finish their education and will never find decent jobs in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, out of the 1.4 billion Chinese, only these few thousand kids have the guts to stand up to fight and sacrifice for the UNIVERSAL VALUE held by the free world. All the other Chinese are so scared of their Communist rulers because their whole livelihood is tightly controlled by the Chinese KGB.They are all slaves as under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

I know you have many rich and powerful friends in Hong Kong. Unfortunately all of them are shamefully hiding quietly behind these helpless young boys and girls; and most of them are siding with the Chinese Communist Party by calling these kids ‘terrorists’. These video images show who the real terrorists are. The riot police torturing the kids are mainly led by the armed police from mainland China, dressed in Hong Kong Police uniforms.

Mr President, the United States is suffering from the Pandemic caused by the Chinese Communist in biblical proportion. We in Hong Kong are also suffering from the common enemy: the Chinese Communist Virus.

Secretary Pompeo is absolutely right in calling a spade a spade: The world’s most variant city ‘HONG KONG’ now is no more than a puppet state pulled by the CCP strings. Hong Kong has become the world’s largest money laundry center and the capital of corrupted funds stolen by the corrupted Chinese officials. The CCP are staging a world class deception to suck up trillions US Dollars while dressing Hong Kong up as an autonomous and legitimate city. Please recall your investment bankers from Hong Kong. Your US capital will be put into better use at home than to grow cancer in China; and then spread to the rest of the world through the ONE BELT ONE ROAD initiative. You should sanction all these Communist entities from getting any more US capital.

We all know the end of Hong Kong is near, these young kids are making a last stand as in Dunkirk. THEY NEED YOUR HELP.

Please give them a decent college education in the States.

I quote:

If your National resources allow, please protect Hong Kong as West Berlin and these kids are the seeds of a new China, they will be the true friends of your grandchildren.

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