May 25 Updates On CCP Virus Pandemic


Key Points:

  • Don’t blame China for the CCP-virus, blame Communist China under the CCP’s rule;
  • Aussie scientists make a new claim about the CCP virus — that it was ‘designed for humans’;
  • Pro-communist teachers were recruited in China and sent to teach in HK and Macau schools at all ages;
  • HK’s trade unions call for general strikes on May 27 in response to the CCP’s National Security Law.

By:【上天造 灭疫组】

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1 month ago

Hi Miles, Today, May 27 is the day. The CCP wants a few protesters to be a little violent so they can use it as an excuse to overreact and openly kill some of the innocent freedom fighters. This will be a mini- 1989. Oh man, today they will die. HK will be strictly locked down. It will happen quickly — in the blink of an eye. Thank you sir for your insight into human nature and profound geopolitical events. Your courage and passion are noble. I respect you. We respect the Hong Kong protesters the most — to the… Read more »