War Room Interview with Miles Guo on 23 May, 2020

Mr. Miles Guo joined Mr. Bannon’s War Room – Pandemic to interpret the meanings of the Student Movement on May 4, 1919, the Tiananmen Square Macassar on June 4, 1989, and Declaration of Independence of the US.

War Room Interview with Miles Guo on 23 May, 2020

Hello Mr. Bannon, hello everyone. It’s a great honor for me to join your War Room again. Especially today,when I’m on your program again, I’m deeply troubled to see that every day there would be around 200 people in New York that die from the CCP virus. Hundreds of American lives die from the CCP virus.

I noticed that on May 4th, China’s May 4th Youth Day, the speech made by Deputy National Security Adviser Matt Pottinger was fantastic.

Looking back on the May 4th Movement, It was a milestone for the Chinese people to end the feudal regime and avoid the dictatorship. It was the most critical democratic movement for China to connect to the Western world. It was a civilized enlightenment of human rights, rule of law and morality. Its core values were western democracy and Christian civilization.

Humanity, the bottom line of human behavior, morality, and the law was used as the guidelines for ruling the country and society. (It was) the beginning of a new era.

The Sovereignty of Shandong Province, my hometown, was transferred to Japan from Germany due to the Paris Agreement. The rapid spread of domestic nationalism led to the May 4th Movement of China. After the May 4th movement, the Chinese government began to seriously engage the West. The world led by the United States was also being transformed to a new form of capitalism, a new model of governance based on democracy, rule of law, and the separation of powers. At that time, some pro-democracy students in China went on the streets and started this great movement.

Later, thanks to the initiation of the United States, the ownership of Shandong, my hometown, was settled. The Chinese Government and Chinese People started the conversation with the Western Civilizations for the first time. After World War I, the United States established a great image among the Chinese people as a country with democracy, modern governance, and new international leadership. This is very important for Chinese people. Today, we look back at the May 4th democratic movement in 1919. It has been 101 years since then. The pursuit of democracy, morality, and rule of law during the May 4th movement ended nowhere after CCP took over China and the Chinese government. 101 years later, there is no democracy, no rule of law, and no freedom in China,

What’s happening at this moment in Hong Kong, in Tibet, in Manhattan, and everywhere else in the US and around the world is all caused by CCP, a regime without any morality. We should understand that a regime with no legal and moral standards is a disaster for all human beings. As for the May 4th movement, that’s all I wanted to talk about. Thank you, Mr. Bannon!

Mr. Pottinger’s speech cast a huge shock in the eyes of all Chinese. It makes us feel that we travel back to the May 4th movement. A more important date during the May 4th movement is June 3rd, 1919 (the first strike in Chinese history?). It is another step toward democracy. The government at that time has accepted the principle of western democracy and Rule of law. A lot of democratic leaders, e.g. Li Dazhao and Cai Yuanpei, emerged after that.

We should see that because of the May 4th movement, the US finally helped China solve the ownership dispute about Shandong province. The US is moved by the Chinese people’ spirit of pursuing democracy and rule of law. Later on, when CCP said it will follow the same system of democracy and rule of law as the US, Chinese people believed and accepted CCP. Today, 101 years have passed. When the Deputy National Security Advisor talked about the rogue CCP government which holds no democracy, rule of law, or even the basic moral bottom line of human beings, it is a huge shock to Chinese people.

Our Whistleblower Movement, Mr. Bannon, and many American officials with Justice and conscience, e.g. Mr. Pottinger have been constantly calling out that Chinese people are facing the most dangerous exclusion by the world. CCP is framing the Chinese people for the spread of the CCP virus and the theft of American technology. At this critical moment, Mr. Pottinger made his speech, talked about the history of Chinese people pursuing democracy and Rule of law 101 years ago, and distinguished Chinese people from the rogue CCP regime. Together with your efforts, Mr. Bannon, we have safeguarded the safety and prosperity of so many Chinese people overseas. You also gave Chinese people and Hong Kong people great confidence in pursuing democracy and Rule of law.

At this criterion moment, we are more respectful to the US government, the American democracy, and the rule of law system, Mr. Bannon, Mr. Pottinger, Mr. Pompeo, Mr. Rubio, and other US government officials with such conscience. Many followers of the Whistleblower Movement have sent us the messages, expressing gratitude to the US government and the conscience the American society has demonstrated under the rule and system. At this critical moment, we are more determined to pursue democracy, rule of law, and freedom, to fight against the rogue CCP regime which holds none of them.

At this historical moment, I think Mr. Pottinger’s speech has laid the foundation of friendship between Chinese people and American people for generations to come. This is the internet era. Nobody can cover all truth forever. Through our WHISTLE movement and the War Room of Mr. Bannon, Mr. Pottinger’s speech has been spread all over China and inspired great sensation from Chinese people. I believe that this speech will firm Chinese people’s determination to stand together with the US and western civilization. We will regain our spirit shown in the May 4th movement 101 years ago, and end this worldwide humanitarian disaster caused by the lack of rule of law and morality under the CCP’s governance.

I think this topic is very important now for Americans. Today we can’t talk about Hong Kong without mentioning the May 4th movement 101 years ago, the 70 years between 1919 to 1989, the June 4th Tiananmen movement, and the massacre of Chinese students. CCP committed this crime 35 years after it took power. Yet another 35 years have passed since the event, whereafter the US government and US people chose to trust CCP, let it go, and believed it would forsake heresy after June 4th, 1989, and focus on economic development. The US believed that given the economic support, CCP would adopt democracy and rule of law, give its people freedom, and bring peace to the world. Later, the US government, UK governments, and the world chose to believe in CCP again, handing Hong Kong over to CCP in 1997. They believed that the one-country-two-system model will stay in place for 50 years, just like they believed that the CCP virus is controllable and not transferable among human beings 4 months ago. They believed CCP’s lie again that the virus is just like a flu.

Here we have to talk about July 4th, American Independence Day, and most importantly the Independence Declaration. The Americans quoted the political rhetoric of the English philosopher John Locke as the following. All rights should not be privatized. All wealth should not be publicly owned. The government should be people-oriented and the power belongs to the people. With these principles in mind, the American people need to see what has been happening in Hong Kong. The last 10 months have been horrible beyond imagination. CCP had broken all its promises.

Let’s look at what’s happening today. If the US keeps sitting still, what happened after the May 4th movement in 1919 will happen again. China would be handed to the rogue CCP regime. And just like what CCP had done to its people in the Tiananmen Massacre decades after it took power and now with the coronavirus, similar tragedies will reoccur. If the US and the western world still don’t act for Hong Kong, you are giving CCP another chance. CCP will not only scourge Hong Kong and Chinese people, but it will also lay its evil hands on the US. It will bring disasters at a great scale to the world and cause more damages to the national security of the US and the peace of the world.

It is time for us to overthrow the rogue CCP regime. If the US doesn’t act now, it will lose all the chances. The Americans have given far too much to the CCP and tolerated it for far too long. People are dying every minute in the US. If the US lets the Hong Kong National Security Bill pass, hundreds of Americans in Hong Kong are in danger of being murdered too. Then, CCP will come to America and knock on your door. As they rapped the moms and daughters in China and in Hong Kong, they will rape Americans, your wives, and daughters.

The wealth of Wall Street cultivated the Chinese Communist Party. The US government should not let the CCP rape the world again. This is the last chance. This is my opinion, Mr. Bannon. So many Chinese are shaking, crying, and fearing. Hong Kong people are being raped and disappearing every minute. This is a tragedy! We can only see this type of news in your War Room. The American mainstream media is avoiding the topic of the humanitarian disaster in Hong Kong, so is Wall Street.

The only ones who dare to speak up are some brave American government officials, such as Mr. Pompeo, Mr. Navarro, Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Tom Cotton and Matt Pottinger. Has this world really been raped by the CCP? The Hong Kong people are under life-threatening situations right now, Mr. Bannon! Many Chinese people and Hong Kong people have messaged me: Mr. Bannon, please don’t disappear! War room, please don’t stop! WHISTLEBLOWER Movement, please don’t stop!

They are living in desperate fears. The threat of the CCP, just like its virus, is not thousands of miles away. The threat to Hong Kong can happen to the US anytime, anywhere, for example Washington DC or Manhattan. Americans, please remember  your Independence Declaration. You need to protect your rights given by God.

The communications between all the countries is the unstoppable trend of the world. The foundation of the US is to protect democracy, communication, and safety of all countries. Human rights and rule of law are the foundations of America. I plea to you, Mr. Bannon, and the US government to save Hong Kong from being destroyed completely.

I can not say any more, Sir. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. Please Go Hong Kong! Hong Kong is calling for SOS now. Please Sir!All the Americans I want them to listen to this!Sir, this is all I want to talk. Thank you!

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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