What Miles Guo’s “Himalaya” and “New China Federation” look like?


Miles Guo: First, we have to ask who we are and what we can represent. To me, we are a private NGO, a nonprofit civil organization that has hundreds of millions supporters and is registered in the United States, who support the whistleblowers’ movement to take down the CCP and to found the new China without the Communist Party, a new peaceful country with independent rule of law and freedom of belief in the world. Therefore we can only represent those who support our whistleblowers’ movement, pursue the rule of law, democracy, and freedom, and agree with our point of view. As well as those legitimate governments, institutions, and people with powers who have the same goals as we do, are willing to work together with the legal institutions of New China where the Communist Party will no longer exist. Meanwhile Himalayan will establish our own nation within other countries outside of China, similar to the Vatican in Italy. It will possess real nation form with legality, has its own citizens who are protected by international law. It will be a bridge for the Chinese to realize the new constitution and new social and political system of the new China without the Communist Party, and to cooperate with the international community.

And make sure that the ultimate result is Chinese people will have a one-person-one-vote mechanism and the laws that work for the people. Then everything is based on the legal institutions, the promulgated constitutions and laws in the new China that doesn’t have the Communist Party. We all have to respect this. Then we, the Himalayas, will never participate in new China’s substantive politics, and will always serve as the third-party to bridge the international and overseas communication with new China. In order to defend the safety, freedom, and wealth of the Chinese people, the Himalayas will be a civil society without political entities and organizations that people form voluntarily in the international community.

All the children and grandchildren of the Himalaya will always enjoy the power to communicate with the world, which is inalienable and is necessary. Of course, at the same time, we will look for our allies in the world who sincerely like us, and wish people of new China live a better life and like to work with us to develop the huge market in China and share the bright future with us. We will develop mutual respect, share wealth and benefit, protect each other under the common human security. This is our most important issue in the Himalayan Declaration. As to the matter of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Tibet, we must sign an agreement under the effective supervision of the international community. We will never divide this country and absolutely avoid the separation by the warlords. We will also avoid the consequences of social turmoil on humanity. Similar to the federal governence of the United States, I am more inclined to implement political federation in new China in the future. I think China should be called the Huaxia Federation, or the New China Federation. Then I think that the first article in all constitutions of the New China Federation in the future will begin with that the Chinese people are pursuing millennium peace and the peaceful coexistence of the people of the world, and jointly developing an effective and orderly harmonious living environment for the economy and humanity. This is our goal and lets the world have confidence in the Chinese.

This declaration is not only for the Chinese but for the world. The whole world is not happy with what CCP has done in the pandemic. Some of them are probably holding grudge against Chinese people. They may feel that the Chinese are a threat to the whole world. At this critical moment, we must introduce this thing. In particular, it is necessary to let the world know Chinese people are the biggest victims who have suffered the most. This is the great challenge that humankind is facing after the safety and future of humanity and the entire international community have been inflicted by coronaviruses. This is also the question that must be faced and need to be answered. Only the above solutions can make the Chinese the most trustworthy and cooperative in the world, and then help separate the Chinese from the Communist Party and Communism. This will be one of the key processes in the development of human history that we can do our best to let the world re-evaluate China. The Chinese people and China’s totalitarianism are completely different. It will be the greatest contribution made to our fellow Chinese. This is our core purpose.

We must give all Communist Party members the absolute amnesty in accordance with international law, with the exception of a very small number of CCP members. We must create a system that will end the hatred caused by race and belief and history, and the oppression of a political disaster system. Let the Chinese enter the era of no hatred but only peace within and outside the system. Then there is an absolute amnesty for the party. Wealth must be returned to the people, the ownership of the land must become the permanent right in accordance with international standards like the way that the United States and the United Kingdom do to their land. And owning the private property must be permanent right and must not be violated. It is necessary to check the laws of various countries, especially the United States and use them as the standard.

The freedom of religion and belief must be protected while establishing a modern and civil society under the legal framework. And the supervision of the press and freedom of speech must be guaranteed by the law and must be exercised under the law. The accumulated issues in the freedom of speech and freedom of belief in the West must be solved. On this basis, each of us will be independent, respected, and legally supervised. There will be no cases of child molestation, no cases of amassing fortune, and sexual assault in the name of religion. The media, so-called the fourth power must be supervised too. One more thing to add, which is very important, is that we must put it into legislation: humans must not eat animals, such as dogs and cats that are close to human beings. This is absolutely not allowed and it must be legislated. Similarly, we must protect the environment and nature using international protection standards. These include the protection of mountains and rivers and the harmonious environment of human standards. It becomes the most modern and harmonious in the world, after thousands of years of human civilization development, the most compatible with nature, the most efficient, the most executable, low-cost, undisputed, respected, a world that is friendly to animals, to the environment, to nature, and to humans. This also includes methods and laws and regulations for us to get along with the spiritual world.


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