Miles: CCP will DO WHATEVER to make Democrats win the election


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May 16

Per my source from CCP insider from China, the so-called “Two Sessions“(Lianghui两会), which are scheduled to resume on May 21, will introduce many “investment promotion policies” to boost the Chinese economy, yet as usual, such so-called “good policies” will not be fulfilled. The CCP ordered Hong Kong entrepreneurs to attend this ‘Two Sessions’and these entrepreneurs must invest in mainland China with no choice. They need to stay in line with CCP’s stand regarding the Hong Kong protest suppression. After the “Two Sessions”, the CCP will ask many oversea Chinese and foreign investors from all over the world, Hong Kong and Taiwan to return to the mainland.

In between the “Two Sessions” and until November, the CCP will keep a low key strategy to the outside world and try to sustain its power through the U.S. election. As long as the Democratic Party wins, the CCP also wins.

After May 10th, the CCP ordered its secret police force and Hong Kong police arrested a lot of protestors behind the scenes and sent some of them to Shenzhen and Zhuhai city. In the near future, if there is a conflict between CCP and American forces, Taiwan will become the most dangerous area. Many CCP military generals written to President Xi recently that they are ready to defeat and destroy Taiwan and completely take over Hong Kong to their so-called “One Nation, One System”

Quote: “I am telling you now, you Mid-South Pit! If you dare to take action against Hong Kong and Taiwan, I will NOT save face for ANYBODY. If you do not keep your promise, I will do what I say! I will launch thunderous attacks! Make it as harsh as you can ever dream of, every now and then, with the mental missiles! Don’t play tricks with me, we have had enough! If you want to play again, be my guest! “

Now that Vice President Wang Qishan is under house arrest, his gangsters like Sun Lijun, Fu Zhenghua, and Meng Jianzhu are subject to go to prison, yet don’t be fooled, my fellow comrades. People who are worse than them may come to power.

China’s future GDP will go below the US $ 10 trillion, a level before 1995 and all kinds of disasters caused by the CCP-Virus will break out before June next year. Human lifestyles on the earth will be dramatically changed for a long time, my advice to you is that don’t take chances, please protect yourself and the family The CCP will still in power after June 4th, yet it will definitely be finished this year. The CCP knows it and we all know it as well. Our brothers and sisters inside CCP are also fully aware of this trend.

Quote: “Our Himalayan ecosystem, our FORCE, the financial team, is irreplaceable. This is the only force for our people to defend our freedom, safety, and religion in the future! The powerful forces behind many countries have also become our allies. No one can stop us! We hope that few people will lose their lives, less harm will be done to Hong Kong and Taiwan, and no warlords dominance will ever exist in our national territories. We will not allow any foreign country to extort and rob us of our wealth overseas! Watch out, the Communist Party may collapse in the next second!”

Quote: “We must be prepared for any unforeseeable circumstances. We need to minimize innocent Chinese civilians from dying, private Chinese corporations from losing profit, and unnecessary harms to the Taiwan region as well as the Hongkong region. Warlords should not be allowed at this period, and we should always forbid external powers to extort properties. Therefore, I hope all of the Whistleblower Movement’s elites are united and collaborated with each other since CCP could be eliminated at any seconds from now on. CCP has brainwashed and oppressed Chinese citizens. However, technology and internet have awakened many individuals and brought them candor and good faith. They are well-prepared for further obstacles and remove CCP from the world.”


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CCP, DO not count your chickens before they are hatched~~~


Not only Chinese people are brainwashed by CCP, many governments are too, look to German’s Merkel and her assistant v.d. Leyen, EU Chairwoman under leadership of Merkel.

take down ccp

mankind, it’s time to wake up now and demolish all the demon ccps!