CCP: Anti-China Pioneer Steve Bannon, an “obsolete politician”

CCP’s top media China National Radio published an article to defame Mr. Bannon again.   2020-05-11  17:39:00  

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The “China Responsibility Theory” that has emerged in one form or another on a daily basis- a considerable part of the source points to a name-Steve Bannon, the White House former Chief Strategist in the administration of the U.S.  The coronavirus epidemic is exactly like a stimulant to the American far-right. The more serious the epidemic, the more excited Bannon gets. He uses all kinds of opportunities to spread rumors, attack China, and madly speaks in a loud voice regarding his sense of existence. Today– let ’s get started to expose Bannon.

the White House former Chief Strategist in the administration of  the U.S. ——Steve Bannon


World Health Organization favors China /   The virus originated from Chinese laboratory /China conceals the epidemic /  China profited by the epidemic 

I am a rouge. who am I afraid of ?!

Don’t make too much trouble right now, otherwise you will pay for it in the future

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May. 12, 2020