CCP plans to crack down abscond Hong Kong protesters


Author: ILoveJustice(HKer)

Tony Kwok, the former Deputy Commissioner of ICAC, suggested the Hong Kong Police Force place the names of wanted protestors on the Interpol Red Notice, which enables all member countries to effect the arrest on sight and alert Hong Kong police to follow up. He said, “Hong Kong is promoting this wanted person list to push the message that ‘wherever you hide, we will catch you’! “

Kwok is not the only ex-officials who urged the HKPF to arrest the wanted protester in Taiwan and Europe. Grenville Cross, ex-director of public prosecutions, calls for “forcing Germany to return the fugitives” in pro-Beijing media later this week.

“We can follow the FBI’s practice by publishing on the Hong Kong Police Force website a full list of all our wanted persons, with photos and personal details, and with reward money in some cases,” said Kwok.

Cross, though retired, still manipulates the judiciary process of cases related to anti-extradition law movement. He insisted on imposing strict sentences to them to deter the followers and tried to influence many court sentences recently. 

Cross said, “Germany must rectify the situation, and revoke the refugee status of Germany, therefore, must rectify the situation, and revoke the refugee status” of the protesters who fled to the country.

Tony Kwok mentioned protestors as “intolerable rioters plotting to topple government”.


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