Miles: The U.S. Action and CCP’s Death Penalty


Summary: 老姜

Regarding the reason for setting June 4th date as the end day of CCP, here is my view to share. Since President Xi Jinping and Vice President Wang Qishan, the two actual controllers of CCP and China, had horrible personal experiences during the Cultural Revolution, it resulted in a complete division and distortion of their personality, as obvious traits of paranoia, but also of anti-social, sadistic, and narcissistic personality disorders, and distinct traits of posttraumatic stress disorder, just like what Nazi Hitler once showed.

The pursuit of absolute power, coupled with greed and corruption, their rogue nature formed at a young age will let them completely ignore the international order, human dignity, and they even dare to destroy the human beings to achieve their “strategic goals”. Therefore, the fall of CCP is just a historical necessity. The collapse of CCP on June 4th this year is our goal. Although the specific form may not necessarily happen in the way we expected, CCP and its power will surely end in 2020.

The Fed and institutional investors have the ability to eliminate the CCP by adjusting the way the global financial system operates. Specifically, the U.S. will announce the cancellation of the Hong Kong Free Trade Zone status, which will cut off the CCP ’s financial access to the outside world.

Once the U.S. announces the freezing of US Treasury bonds held by the CCP and the oversea personal assets (especially those in the U.S.) of CCP senior officials such as President Xi Jinping and Vice President Wang Qishan and their illegitimate children abroad, the U.S. and the CCP will economically be decoupled and become irreversible enemies.

By then, all funds and institutional investors must passively withdraw their funds from China, and the stock markets in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Shenzhen will collapse, those Chinese stocks in the U.S. stock market will be finished, CCP’s economy will lose their financial foundation and collapse. The U.S. has this courage, determination to do so at its own costs. The arrangements of these major events have actually completed, and their execution is quietly in progress. Everyone will soon be able to witness the historical moment.


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My best wishes that CCP will be out thrown in 2020 so that the Chinese will have a truly publicly elected government that adopts the rule of law and enjoy their lives in liberty, safety and prosperity.

A Chinese poem to summarize this: 愿见共党速亡,重建中华之邦,法治精神为尚,民主自由康庄。