Under the CCP‘s Misrule, Women Are Generally Instruments for Sexual Pleasure, Reproduction, and Success (I) – the Captive Mother of Eight Children in Xuzhou

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After Peng Shuai’s sexual assault accusation drew worldwide condemnation, a mother of eight children who was seen chained up in a shed caused another uproar on the social media and even covered by a host of Western mainstream media after the video of the woman was uploaded to Douyin (Chinese equivalent of Tiktok) on January 28, right before the Chinese Spring Festival and the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The woman was found to have been bought for forced marriage by Dong Zhimin, a villager of Dongji Village, Huankou Town, Feng County, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. She has lost her mind and the ability to comprehend language. A more stunning fact is the woman has been a shared sex slave for the Dong family of two brothers and their father. No one knows exactly which of the three men is the father of her eight children.

Much effort has since been made by the netizens to ascertain her identity and how she ended up in this tragic situation. A Twitter user with the handle ZH_mzghg and the ID Proud Girl posted the following photos which compare the facial features of the woman and a girl named Li Ying who went missing from Nanchong City, Sichuan Province in December 1996 at the age of 12.

Source of the pictures: Proud Girl’s Twitter
Registered information for Li Ying’s case from babycomeshome.com, a Chinese missing people database website aimed at helping parents find their missing children
Source: Proud Girl’s Twitter

The striking resemblance between the two persons in the photos seems to have confirmed her identity and Li Ying’s uncle submitted a hand-written letter on behalf of his deceased brother, Li Ying’s father, on February 7 to the local police, requesting to collect the woman’s genetic materials for DNA testing.

Hand-written Letter from Li Ning’s Uncle
Source: Proud Girl’s Twitter

However, the Xuzhou government denied that the woman was a victim of human trafficking and instead, claimed in a statement issued on February 7 that her identity had been confirmed as Xiao Huamei, another missing woman from Yuman Province, through her face and accent. This contradicts with the statements of the netizens who had contact with the woman. They said they could tell from her mumbling that the woman has a strong Xichuan accent. Anyway, as expected, the local government agencies from city to village level refuse to cooperate with any outsider’s investigation or rescue effort.

However, more and more disturbing details about the woman are coming out through Proud Girl’s Twitter. One post reveals that after the poor girl was brought to the village, she was raped not only by the three men of the Dong family but also by the CCP officials of Huanko Town and Dongji Village because of her underage body and pretty face. At first, the intractable girl put up fierce fight and was beaten up hard and tortured. As a result, most of her teeth were knocked off, the tip of her tongue cut off, and her voice ruined by poisoning. It was until many years after she sought refuge in insanity that she finally ended up in the hands of the Dong family. She gave birth to more than 8 children in all these years of imprisonment.

Source: Proud Girl’s Twitter

Other posts expose more horrific facts as follows:

The girl is not the only woman sold to Dongji Village. An old villager recalled that more than 30 women trafficked there had died of beating or suicides. Their bodies were sold to Xuzhou Medical University, Nanjing Medical University, etc. From trafficking living people to selling dead bodies, these are all business instead of crimes in the eyes of the locals who never feel guilty about what they have done.

The girl was sold by two brothers, Yao Zhanfeng and Yao Zhanjie, who are the heads of a local human trafficking gang. The Yao brothers have bribed many officials in the Xuzhou government and judicial system to shield their criminal activities.

Xuzhou is a complete cesspool. A long list of the government agencies apart from the judicial system there, including Railway Bureau, Railway Station, Long-distance Bus Station, Family Planning Commission, Transportation Administration Center, Civil Affairs Bureau, Public Health Bureau, Agricultural Bureau, Education Bureau, hospitals, transportation companies, schools, etc. have played a part in the human trafficking activities in this city. 411 government officials have been identified to be involved in these crimes.

The recorded human trafficking cases reveal that since 1986, 48,100 women have been trafficked from Yunan, Guizhou, Sichuan Provinces to the six counties under the jurisdiction of Xuzhou City. In an extreme case, two-thirds of the married women in Niulou Village, Yizhuang Town, Tongshan County were all sourced from human traffickers.

Record of a human trafficking case
Source: Proud Girl’s Twitter

Many girl students of Jiangsu Normal University in Xuzhou have been raped by the teachers and officials of the school. Many girl students in Xuzhou are reported missing without any case being recorded by the local police for them.

Although the topic about the woman of eight children has accumulated more than 1.6 billion views on Weibo (Chinese equivalent of Twitter), the official media and the many women protection originations in Communist China have kept silent on it.

Most ironically, the “husband” of the woman had made himself a celebrity on several Chinese social media platforms by livestreaming his difficult life of raising eight children and thereby received quite a lot of cash and material donations before his “wife” hit the headline. He even made his home a tourist spot for the netizens and vloggers to take photos or shoot videos. What a mind-boggling reality in a country ruled by the forever great, glorious, and correct Party!

Photo of Dong Zhimin, father of the eight children
Source: Wechat

I cannot independently verify the information posted on Proud Girl’s Twitter whereas it dovetails with what Mr. Miles Guo exposed in his broadcasts. In the next report, I will share with you what Mr. Guo knows about the human trafficking situation and women’s status in Communist China.

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