Japanese Polls Show 85% Support Decline for the Chinese Communist Party, and More Support for Taiwan and United States

Translated by:  MOS Education Team – cancan

On Jnuary 22, Japanese media reported results of a poll conducted by the Japanese Government.  Results show 85% of Japanese people believe relations between Japan and the Chinese Communist Party are not good.  Yet, 91% believes that Japan’s relations with the United States are good.  In addition, the results of the polling unit entrusted by Japan’s Taiwan Representative Office show nearly 80% of Japanese people feel close to Taiwan.

The Japanese Government conducted a postal poll of 3,000 people over the age of 18 across the country from the end of September to November of last year resulting with 1,701 (56.7%) response.  Compared with the last, the number of people in this poll who believes that they have good relations with the CCP has decreased by nearly three percentage points.  There was a 5% point increase in the perception of good relations with the United States.

From November 14 to 26 last year, the Taiwan Representative Office in Japan commissioned a Japanese polling company to research Japanese people’s perception of Taiwan.  Results show that 78% of Japanese respondents have a sense of closeness to Taiwan, and nearly 70% to 80% of the respondents feel that Taiwan is trustworthy, Taiwan-Japan relations are good, and expected to develop in the future.a

Reference: https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1904499/

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3 months ago

Thanks for this article! Just a heads up – there is a typo in the opening sentence: It says “On Jnuary 22″ but it should read “On January 22”.

Thanks for posting about Japan!

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Rianna 芮内
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Rianna 芮内
3 months ago
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