Breaking Live Broadcast of Miles Guo’s Major Announcement on the “Tian Mimi (Sweet As Honey)” Movement on January 25

Translated by: MOS Translation Group – Snorlax

In the live broadcast, Miles solemnly states that for the past five years, the Whistleblowers Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC) have been working to overthrow the Chinese Communist Party(CCP), bring true democracy, the rule of law, and the electoral system to China. Miles used his own personal experience to warn the Western world that the CCP is engaged in a planned and organized fierce attack on Western societies with democratic rule of law systems. Not only has the CCP committed genocide in Xinjiang and Tibet, but it has also committed massacres against the people of Hong Kong, committing serious human rights violations, and even going so far as to release chemical and biochemical viruses into the world, so that darkness will envelop the globe.

Miles explained that the NFSC, officially established on June 4, 2020, was honored to have the respect and support of many nations and organizations around the world. In the time that followed, the NFSC and the Whistleblowers Movement provided the world with massive and accurate intelligence and explosive information in order to counter the series of evil initiatives taken by the CCP to infiltrate, harm, and conquer the nations of the world. This has allowed the NFSC to establish confidential, secure, and trustworthy relationships with the world and governments, as well as with various public benefit organizations and human rights institutions.

At the same time, Miles also sorrowfully stated that as we speak, the so-called Beijing Winter Olympics, which the CCP obtained through illegal means, is causing major disasters for the Chinese people. People in mainland China are being imprisoned at home for the reason of “epidemic,” while the death toll from the disaster is being repeatedly covered up. Allowing such a Beijing Winter Olympics to continue without freedom of speech and life is a violation of the Olympic spirit on the part of the Olympic Committee. The harm and human rights violations caused to the Chinese people will be incalculable. For this reason, the NFSC has been working hard to prevent the Winter Olympics from being held in Beijing.

It is heartening to note that the efforts of the NFSC and the Whistleblowers Movement have paid off. After the official boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics by the United States and governments around the world, a series of actions has been followed by many democratic, rule of law, and free countries which are friendly to the Chinese. Among them, according to information obtained by Miles, the U.S. government officially notified the Chinese Communist government in Beijing that it authorized the evacuation of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing effective immediately. Miles said that this is a major decision made by the U.S. government, President Biden and Mr. Blinken, and the right decision based on the democratic rule of law in the United States, the boycott of the Winter Olympics, and the defense of human rights by righteous people from all over the world.

Miles concluded by extending his heartfelt thanks to President Biden, Secretary of State Blinken, and the American people on behalf of the people of the NFSC. Mr. Guo emphasized that the NFSC will always fight for a free and lawful society in the world until the CCP, which has kidnapped 1.4 billion Chinese people, is eliminated.

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