Now It’s Too Late To Stop the Dominoes From Falling

Our Whistleblower Movement (WM) Warriors should not be oversensitive for some news Mr. Bao Tong (鮑彤) reposted on a social media platform.

  • Mr. Bao is a wise man and a true Chinese man. He has been supporting the WM from the beginning under various threats and pressures. Even if he now scolds us, it is our honour.
  • Questioning and criticizing us is natural and it’s good that we’re on their radar.
  • If everything were to happen the way humans want it to, the world would have ended a long time ago.

Miles knew what was going to happen two months ago. However, he was so excited by the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) reaction to the breaking news that it kept him awake last night.

  • If the CCP can respond in a timely manner and manage it professionally according to international rules, then they don’t deserve to die. But to see them handle it so poorly shows that their regime is really finished.
  • It’s a real mess how the CCP is dealing with diplomacy, economics, national security and information control.

Before filming his first GETTR post this morning, Miles heard that a certain country was also planning to withdraw their diplomatic staff from Beijing.

  • They will request the CCP to let them start investigating the origin of the CCP virus and the Uyghur genocide in Xinjiang.
  • The US’s decision passed the politicians in that country a great tool to deal with the CCP.
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