The Attack from the Pseudo-Democracy Movement-Vice Interviews Guo Wengui

Translated by: Ermat

In early 2017, Mr. Guo Wengui appeared on social media platforms and started live streaming. He used his personal experience to expose how top Chinese Communist Party officials such as Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu and Fu Zhenghua ruled the country with police and triads, and their hidden acts of corruption and state theft. This unheard of way of challenging a country’s regime with live broadcasts immediately caused an uproar in overseas Chinese circles.

On April 19 of the same year, Mr. Guo was interviewed by the Voice of America VOA at his home, and the broadcast was suddenly interrupted when he mentioned that HNA was backed by Wang Qishan and the Yao Yilin family. This is the event that shocked the world. Just as Mr. Guo Wengui’s influence was rapidly spreading around the world, Teng Biao, a human rights lawyer who presents himself as an overseas democrat, suddenly launched a fierce attack on Mr. Guo.

Teng Biao alleged on his personal Twitter account that Mr. Guo Wengui is a senior Communist Party agent who combines money laundering, incest, and slande on August 10, 2017. Teng Biao unjustifiably denigrated Mr. Guo Wengui, whom he had never met. Mr. Guo, who learned of the incident more than 10 days later, said seriously in an August 24 live broadcast that Teng Biao must give a clear explanation and response to the unprovoked attack on him.

On October 26 of the same year, Teng Biao publicly published a 10,000-word article. He said that Mr. Guo was imprisoned for fraud in 1989, and after his release, he quickly became rich and later “cheated his family, employees, stockholders and partners”, and was also suspected of “forgery, loan fraud, bribery, money laundering, rape, and secret service activities”, and was already burdened with “19 criminal charges and more than 100 civil cases” by the Chinese Communist Party. ” He also said that Mr. Guo is suspected of wiretapping, stalking and threatening pro-democracy and media figures overseas, and forging documents, among other things. In this regard, Teng quoted extensively from the Associated Press, Reuters, and even from a number of Chinese Communist media outlets, including Xinjing News and

Teng also links Mr. Guo to a variety of mental and psychological illnesses, and borrows from “Fanatic Believer” and “Giant Baby Nation” to describe Mr. Guo’s followers as a group of “unbearable Guo Wei soldiers. He claims that the movement is actually a hoax in which Mr. Guo falsely opposes the Communist Party and really “plays gangster politics and works to defend the robber baron system. In order to prove that Mr. Guo’s “revelations have very limited truthfulness,” he cites a large number of statements made by others on the Internet that have no legal validity at all, and goes so far as to enlist the New York Times, the Financial Times, and the Wall Street Journal to support this argument.

As a human rights lawyer, why would Teng Biao go against his professional code and publicly launch round after round of vicious attacks against Mr. Guo when he cannot produce any valid legal basis? In his live broadcast on August 24, 2017, Mr. Guo said, “Tens of thousands of overseas pro-democracy organizations have engaged in 28 years ……Today Guo Wengui  is a litmus test, a demon mirror, and I have shone a light on what these people overseas are really like. We can illuminate what these people overseas can do in the end. 

These findings by the U.S. courts are hard facts that prove that the Chinese Communist Party has gone to great lengths to mobilize the forces of silence overseas to launch an endless series of obstructions and attacks on Mr. Guo Wengui and the Whistleblower Movement.

Vice and Teng Biao’s trajectories overlapped when Isabel Young arrived at Teng Biao’s home in New Jersey. Teng Biao said on Vice that “Guo Wengui is a liar and the protesters live in the fake news and conspiracy theories he weaves.” Outside the house, a peaceful protest against Teng Biao by Mr. Guo Wengui’s followers is underway, and one of the protesters, “Xiaoski,” recalled that Isabelle visited their protest against Teng Biao twice, on Dec. 3 and Dec. 9, 2020. According to “Xiaoski,” his interview with Isabel was edited, and the peaceful protest was inadvertently placed alongside violent footage in Vice’s broadcast.

The full video of Mr. Guo’s interview with Vice, which has been made public, shows Isabelle frantically seeking to find fault with Mr. Guo on terms such as “Communist spy,” “rapist,” “incest” and “dispatch” and failing to do so.

In a live interview, Mr. Guo said, “How much time have I spent in court in the past four years? No Chinese person has spent as long as I have in court, five days in a row, 16 or 18 hours a day in court, including the Guo Baosheng and Xia Yeliang deposition cases, and I won them all. Have you seen any case where Guo Wengui was ruled a rapist and a liar after a deposition?

Vice and Isabel’s entire operation, from interview to broadcast, was purposeful and planned.



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