Global Covid-19 Update (The Red and Blue Pill Perspective on Vaccine Mandates)

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Athena Covid-19 Update (26/1/2022)
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1, Global Covid-19 Overview
Total number of infections: 354,332,988 (3,307,502 new cases, 26% up in 14 days)
Total number of deaths: 5,612,766 (8,241 new death, 24% up in 14 days)

2, Global Covid “vaccination” Overview
Total number of injections: 9.95 billion
Number of fully “vaccinated”: 4.11 billion
Percentage of fully “vaccinated”: 52.7%

3, Australia Covid-19 statistics
Total number of infections: 2,344,202 (52,573 new cases today)
Total number of deaths: 3,330 individuals (105 new deaths today)
Number of infections per 10,000 people: 907.409
Total number of vaccinations administrated: 48,701,606 (323,879 new doses today)
Number of people received the second dose: 19,193,031 (78.4% of the population)
>95% of the population over 16 have received the first dose
93% of the population over 16 have received the second dose

4, Commentary and Excerpt

Among those who have dared to stand up against the vaccine mandate are many scientists and doctors, but also elite members of other professions have stepped forward. Steve Kirsch, a successful American IT entrepreneur, philanthropic funder of medical research, and one of the inventors of the optical mouse, is one of them. He recently wrote an article briefly explaining why mandatory vaccines are absurd and unjustified from both sides of the argument. Here is an excerpt from the article.

Boris Johnson recently announced an end to the UK’s COVID restrictions. He said, “We will trust the judgment of the British people.”

Why can’t we do that in America? Isn’t it time to trust the judgment of the American people?

Whether you ask for a red or blue pill, it’s clear that both sides have compelling reasons to end vaccine injunctions and emergencies.

Interestingly, each side has completely different reasons, but the conclusions are the same.

Here is how they are reasoned.

The principle of blue pill

  1. We don’t need a vaccine or mask mandate because we know they work. There is no need to sell them to us! We will comply whether it is mandatory or not.
  2.  We are no longer afraid of those who don’t comply: we all use safe and effective vaccines with little to no side effects, and we always wear N95 or P100 masks. We always stay 6 feet away from any other person. So basically, there is no way to infect us.
  3. We had nothing to fear. Almost no one was hospitalized and no one risked death. The Omicron epidemic made our risk even lower.
  4. We believe that disobedient people are evil and deserve to die. Why should they be forced to take life-saving medical interventions? We would be better off as a society if these people went away, and forever.
  5. We trust our doctors to provide quality medical advice. Ourdoctors follow consistently excellent CDC guidelines. We should all use the same treatment regardless of our medical history. If doctors follow the CDC guidelines, almost no one will die. All hospitals are full of unvaccinated people.
  6. To be safe, we test ourselves every day using an antigen test against COVID. If we test positive, we now have two new safe and effective drugs from the world’s most trusted pharmaceutical companies, so on the rare occasion that we get COVID, we can treat it with a nearly 100% success rate.

Note: Many Blue Pillers still feel unsafe after being given three injections and wearing a double mask. That’s why it’s critical to let them know about the P-100 respirator. This mask provides them with 150 times the protection they had before, so they are fearless to anyone. Problem solved. No one can put them in danger. Therefore, the risk falls on those who don’t believe in science.

However, they can still believe they are at risk. Anyone who feels at risk can simply isolate themselves at home and have no contact with people. This is the safest for them.

We can’t build new isolation facilities for people who are afraid of being infected because infections are still occurring even at remote Antarctic stations where everyone is tested.

The principle of red pill

  1. Vaccines are not safe. They are not effective against the Omicron strain. Forcing vaccines that are bad for people is insane.
  2. There is no need for mandate because we won’t comply with them anyway. They only create division and hate in society. They divide us.
  3. we are not afraid of people who are vaccinated.
  4. keeping social distance is not useful and does not work. 6 feet is not based on any science. Why not 5.2 feet? No one has seen science that justifies 6 feet, so we don’t follow stupid non-scientific rules.
  5. the current COVID vaccine is more likely to kill people than save them. In the Pfizer trial, there was a 24% increase in deaths among those vaccinated! So it’s clear. If the vaccines don’t kill us, they actually make the pandemic worse because they suppress our immune system, making us twice as likely to get COVID and susceptible to other diseases (like cancer recurrence). They also cause serious side effects. They are the most dangerous vaccines in human history. There is no way we can accept them. Forcing them would just piss us off and hurt the economy. You won’t get us to accept them.
  6. why would we take a drug that can kill us to prevent a strain that can’t kill us? You must be out of your mind. We don’t comply with vaccine mandates.
  7. If we get sick, we have very effective early treatment regimens using available safe repurposing drugs such as ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, aspirin, vitamin D, NAC, and Prozac. These regimens are 100% successful in preventing COVID deaths when given early. We will never use Molnupiravir or Paxlovid, these drugs are super dangerous.
  8. If we do develop COVID symptoms, we will stay home to rest and isolate.
  9. Even if we had a truly safe vaccine, those of us who recover from COVID don’t need it. It doesn’t make sense to have a uniform mandatory vaccination for everyone.
  10.  We believe that physicians should be allowed to be physicians and that medical care should always be provided by a health care professional whom we trust to use his professional judgment in our cases. The CDC’s guidance is terrible.

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