Peaceful Protest Against Vax Mandates Disrupted by Orchestrated Attack

01/23/2022 Eva Vlaardingerbroek: The protest against vax mandates in Brussels has been interrupted by police water cannons, tear gas. Antifa and BLM are said to escalate the situation there by using violence against protesters and police officers. It is very clear that there was an orchestrated attack to disrupt the peace protest.

By: 【秘密翻译组-精翻组 G-Translators/Elite Team】

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秘密翻译组-精翻组 G-Translators/Elite Team

秘密翻译组需要各类人才期待战友们的参与: 🌹 欢迎大家订阅 - GTV频道1:; GTV频道2: Jan. 26