Miles Guo: US Government Commences Staged Closing of US Embassy in Beijing

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This is a paraphrased transcript of Miles Guo’s livestream on January 25, 2022.

Greetings fellow fighters, my fellow countrymen of the 1.4 billion New Federal State of China (NFSC). Hello friends of the world!

Today is January 25, 2022. On behalf of the NFSC and the 1.4 billion compatriots of New China and all the heroic fellow fighters and patriots who are rooting out evil, and rooting out the devil to achieve justice, Guo Wengui is here to make a major announcement.

I, Guo Wengui (a.k.a. Miles Guo), have been working for the past five years to Take Down the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) to: bring a democratic system of one-person-one-vote elections to China; to bring about the rule of law; to reveal the truth about the genocide in Xinjiang and Tibet, and the gross human rights violations of the massacre that took place in Hong Kong. As I warned the West four or five years ago, the Communist Party has been planning a violent attack on the Western civilized world – that is, on the Western societies with democratic system rule of law – even going so far as to release engineered biological viruses. We are now faced with a duel between a dictatorial world, a dictatorial regime and the West’s democracy and rule of law, the pursuit of freedom and faith in human rights.

We also warned the West in December 2019, and on the eve of the Hong Kong movement in May 2019, that chemical and biological weapons were being used in Hong Kong at the hand of CCP President Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan‘s Communist dictatorship. In January 2020 we first suggested on air that the Hong Kong movement was essentially the beginning of a challenge to the rule of law in world civilization, and that there was a high probability of the use of chemical and biological weapons to harm the world.

In February 2020, we announced to the world that, through the intelligence we had received from countless colleagues risking their lives, and our personal experience with the evil of the Communist Party, the so-called Covid-19 coronavirus in 2019 was a biochemical weapon unleashed by the Communist Party. But biochemical weapons are not their main objective. The main goal is to promote the vaccine policy. The vaccine is the real disaster.

When Covid-19 first hit in 2019, the CCP purchased large quantities of PPE masks in advance around the world, preventing governments from being able to save their own nationals from harm. Our intelligence sources have also provided a great deal of information about the harmful networks, and infiltration that the Communist Party has established around the world in most western institutions, including economic, with no respect for the law and norms established between countries through UN conventions.

We announced to the world the inside story of HNA: that the owner behind HNA was the Chairman of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI), Wang Qishan. Later we broke a series of insider stories, including about Alibaba’s Jack Ma. The infiltration of multiple CCP-controlled private companies in various aspects of the Western economy. Looking back over the past five years, although the NFSC has established confidential, secure and trustworthy relationships with governments and various private public interest and human rights institutions around the world, the sheer magnitude of the Communist Party’s evil power and the depth of its penetration into the world has made it necessary for us to be evasive in our cooperation with government agencies and to take into account the security of the other parties. The security of the sources of information and intelligence provided and the security requirements of those involved has been paramount. We have had to take into account all aspects of the security of the other party, the security of the sources of information and the security of the people involved.

We do not wish to gain any profit, any fame, any political involvement in any of the great and unprecedented campaigns for the elimination of the Communist Party.

In 2020, I had the great honour to work with our Chinese football hero Mr. Hao Haidong, world champion Ms. Ye Zhaoying and Mr. Steve Bannon of the United States, as well as hundreds of millions of NFSC fellow fighters, compatriots and colleagues around the world to establish the New Federal States of China on June 4th in New York. With the support of many national organizations before and after that date, after June 4th 2020 we worked closely with the governments of all countries in accordance with the law. We continue to work closely with governments, and our colleagues in mainland China, to provide accurate and truthful information about the Communist Party massacre in Xinjiang, the use of Covid-19 and vaccine as weapons, the CCP’s collusion with the dark forces of the world, and the resulting millions of injuries and human rights abuses against the people of the NFSC, and the continuing local genocide and human rights abuses in Hong Kong. We have the respect of many national organizations around the world and many countries are discussing recognition of the NFSC and the NFSC Declaration.

The declaration of the NFSC is clear about human rights, the rule of law, the relationship with nature, and it is clear that the final decision on the New China will be made by one-person-one-vote, without the Communist Party. 

Today, 25 January 2022, we face the reality that the CCP has illegally obtained the right to host the Beijing Winter Olympics. Even after all the years of CCP’s infiltration of the world, the genocide committed against the Chinese people, and all the economic, political and military danger the CCP represent, the World is still prepared to participate in these Genocide-Games.

The Chinese people are being kept at home by the centralized power of the Communist Party using all sorts of tests for RNA, and for political reasons. Just as the CCP created a humanitarian catastrophe by isolating Wuhan last year, and during the flooding in Zhengzhou, another disaster is unfolding in Xi’an and Beijing. Instead of cooperating with the world to find the real source of Covid-19, the CCP threatens people all over the world, allowing thousands to come to China (for the Winter Olympics) to whitewash their extreme actions. At the same time as ordinary people in Beijing are denied their mobility rights, they want to host the Winter Olympics, even in conditions where there is no natural snow (the snow is artificial created), and they want to host an Olympics with no freedom of speech, and no regard for personal freedom.

These Genocide Games are the same as those hosted by Hitler in 1935-1936, and by the Soviets in 1980. These games will be the ugliest stain on the Olympic ideal in history, and will do immeasurable damage to the human rights of the Chinese people. The Olympic Committee has turned its back on the Olympic spirit. As the founder of the NFSC, pursuing a political system of one-person-one-vote for China, I and many of my fellow fighters have been working to stop the Communists from hosting these Olympics and repeating what happened after the 1936 Olympics. In 1936 the Olympics were held as a result of the Jews uniting against the boycott of the Games. Shortly afterwards, Hitler carry out a pogrom against millions of Jews. We and our fellow fighters want to prevent something similar from happening in China – the use of political or health excuses used to justify inhumane actions against people in Xinjiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong, and ultimately the CCP’s main target – Taiwan. Therefore, we are fully committed to prevent the Winter Olympics from being held in Beijing.

Today, on behalf of the New Federal State of China, I am very honored that we have finally seen the results of a series of actions taken by many democratic and free countries friendly to the Chinese people which has resulted in action by some countries to impose Diplomatic boycotts of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Just now, we have learned of an additional important decision taken by President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken of the United States which reflects democracy and the rule of law. This decision will also assist other organizations and Governments in their deliberations on whether to boycott the Winter Olympics in order to defend human rights.

The United States government has officially authorized the evacuation of the United States Embassy in Beijing. We welcome this momentous decision by Mr. Biden and Mr. Blinken, which goes a long way towards stopping the vaccine disaster, the genocide, and the humanitarian catastrophe that is taking place in the world. This is a victory for the NFSC and for the global population who uphold the rule of law and human rights. We thank Mr Blinken for such wisdom, and Mr Biden, the President of the United States, for his morally correct decision. History will prove that this means more to humanity and the defense of human rights than what any US President has ever done.

God will protect you and the people of the world will thank you. On behalf of the people of the NFSC worldwide, Miles GUO once again extends his heartfelt thanks to the President of the United States, Mr. Biden, Secretary Blinken and the people of the United States, and we will always fight with you until we destroy the Communist Party that has kidnapped 1.4 billion Chinese people, and we will establish a peaceful relationship with the United States for a thousand years.

Everything is just beginning! Thank you!

Please join me my fellow fighters in praying for the 7.5 billion compatriots of all mankind, the 1.4 billion compatriots of the NFSC, the families of exploding revolutionary fellow fighters, the compatriots of Taiwan, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Tibet!

Special Thanks to Vancouver Sailing Farm: 小苹果lily for the Chinese Transcription

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