Broadcast|Taiwan Entry Inspection Shows Nearly 93% of Cases are Breakthrough Infections

By: MOS Media Team — Mindblade

At a regular press conference on January 21, Luo Yijun, deputy head of the medical response team of Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center, informed the latest statistics of the CCP virus testing.

The information showed that up to now, 364 cases of infection with the variant strain of Omicron imported from abroad have been detected among travelers entering Taiwan. Among them, 338 infected cases have been fully vaccinated with two doses of the CCP virus vaccine. In this regard, Luo Yijun also mentioned that among the recently detected cases imported from abroad, the Omicron variant has become the main strain of infection, while the infection trend has gradually spread to Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Commentators have pointed out that according to current data analysis, more than 90% of CCP virus infections are breakthrough infections, which confirms that full vaccination has little protection from the new variant of the CCP virus.

Article: Taiwan Entry Inspection Shows Nearly 93% of Cases are Breakthrough Infections

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