The U.S. government officially announces the withdrawal of its embassy in Beijing

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According to the [Maple Leaf News] ‘s report on January 25, Mr. MilesGuo, the founder of [New Federal State of China], conducted an emergency live broadcast of GTV and Gettr at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time, and announced to the world: the US government today will gradually withdraw and close its Chinese embassy in Beijing as planned.

In this regard, Mr. MilesGuo said in the live broadcast that since the CCP regime deliberately released the “coronavirus” in the world two years ago, it has not only failed to curb its evil deeds, but has intensified its genocide and various anti-human criminal activities.At the same time, a virus vaccine plan was launched around the world, which once again brought disaster to the world. Now CCP is trying to repeat the historical mistakes of the Berlin Olympics held by Nazi leader Hitler in 1935 by holding the Beijing Winter Olympics.

In order to maintain justice and save mankind, [New Federal State of China] has become the only force of justice that has bravely fought against the tyranny of the CCP for 5 years, revealed the source of the COVID-19 and the truth of vaccines to the world, and predicted the upcoming vaccine disaster and economic crisis in advance.

In view of this, after the U.S. government has fully cooperated with the [New Federal State of China] and fully grasped the evidence of the above-mentioned crimes against humanity by the CCP regime, President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken jointly officially announced that they will gradually withdraw and close down the U.S. Embassy in Beijing in an unprecedented manner. By this way, to express its support for the justice of the [New Federal State of China] and to fight back against the CCP’s aggression and killings against the United States with unrestricted warfare.

So far, the [New Federal State of China] and the [Whistleblower Revolution] led by Mr. MilesGuo have not only awakened and united the people of justice with conscience all over the world through repeated shouts and years of unremitting battles, but also embodies another inspiring and landmark key victory in the arduous process of fighting the CCP regime.

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