IMF Director Said That The CCP’s Zero-Covid Policy Has Become a Burden on The World Economy

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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) ‘s managing director said Friday ( January 21): China’s zero-Covid policy is increasingly looking like a “burden,” which is influencing economic recovery for the world at large. This policy needs to be reassessed.

Zero-Covid policy refers to the government’s attempt to eliminate the virus via harsh public health measures such as Lockdown of the city, large-scale nucleic acid testing, transferring and centrally monitoring entire communities, and strict border quarantines.

In an interview, Georgieva, The IMF’s managing director, said that at the beginning of the pandemic, the Zero-Covid policy seemed to be relatively successful. However, the new highly transmissible Omicron variant meant that these containment measures cannot now be easily achieved. On the contrary, the risks brought by this policy far outweighed the benefits and impacted the economic recovery of China and the whole world.

Georgieva pointed out: This Zero-Covid policy of the CCP has increasingly become a burden on the restart of the world economy. In addition, all countries must reassess the best response to the pandemic.

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