Beijing’s Overseas Propaganda Machine Hires an Army of Western Internet Celebrities to Whitewash the Beijing Winter Olympics

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The Guardian reports that the Consulate General of Communist China in New York signed a contract worth $300,000 U.S. Dollar with Vippi Media, aiming to mobilize an army of Western Internet celebrities to whitewash the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) image and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Vippi Media is owned by Vipinder Jaswal, who is a contributor of Newsweek’s, and former senior executive of Fox News and HSBC. The document shows that the duration date for the contract is from November 2021 to March 2022, when the Winter Special Olympics ends. Jaswal had received a total of $210,000 U.S. Dollar as an advance payment after the contract was signed.

According to the contract, Jaswal will help the CCP launch a social media campaign to promote the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Special Olympics to the Americans. Jaswal plans to hire a large number of Western Internet celebrities to do shows on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Twitter, which are frequented by young people. It is proposed that 3.4 million times of positive publicities for the CCP will be launched during the contract period. Jaswal said that his company has received as many as fifty internet celebrities, including former Olympic athletes and entrepreneurs.

The contract also formulates a detailed social media strategy. Each Western internet celebrity will be responsible for producing three to five shows for their target audiences. Based on the number of followers and platform activities, internet celebrities are divided into three levels: “macro influencers” (highly-popular internet celebrities), “middle influencers” (internet celebrities with medium popularity), and “social publishers” (internet celebrities with small popularity).

U.S. politicians criticized and condemned Jaswal for making deals with the CCP. Earlier this month, Senator Rick Scott of Florida wrote to Newsweek, where Jaswal is a contributor, asking the newspaper to reconsider their working relation with Jaswal, based on the CCP’s poor record of human rights abuse.

According to statistics from “Open Secrets”, a Washington-based organization that tracks political funding in the U.S., Communist China has squandered enormous amount of money in overseas media propaganda campaign over the past decades, as shown in its’ expenditure in this regard: It has spent nearly $60 million U.S. Dollar in 2020, and $23 million U.S. Dollar in 2021 on propaganda campaign in the United States, respectively.



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