The Chinese Communist Party Hijacks the World with the COVID Pandemic and Mass Vaccination and Puts All Ethnic Chinese Globally at an Existential Risk

A series of recent revelations by Miles Guo, the prominent founder of the Whistleblower Movement, has brought to light the unrestricted bio-warfare waged by the Chinese Communist Party on the world using the SARS-COVID 2 virus. Since the beginning of 2020, the CCP virus has wrecked tremendous havoc on the global economy, causing crippling economic damage, rising inflation, and runaway unemployment. The death toll from COVID and adverse reactions from the subsequent global vaccination campaigns have kept growing. By Jan 5th, 2022, 273 million people globally have contracted the CCP virus, and 5.4 million of them have lost their lives. While mainstream western media has continually suppressed reports about the virus origin, treatment and prevention protocols, and actual death statistics, the general public is becoming increasingly agitated because of prolonged deprivation of social contact, draconian vaccine mandates, and various other limiting restrictions fundamental freedoms. Pain and anger are building up among those people who have lost their loved ones to COVID. Social unrest and turmoil induced by the pandemic and vaccination campaigns are raging worldwide. The public is increasingly antagonistic and resentful towards communist China for originating this crisis.

The CCP has bought off a large number of western elites or otherwise managed to coopt western celebrities, Wall Street, and big-name influencers to go along with its narrative, suppressing discussions about the origin of the virus and the experimental vaccines. Mainstream media and social media platforms controlled by big-tech have even adopted CCP propaganda lines to mislead the general public.   There is a real risk the world may soon plunge into a massive global turmoil. The dark forces controlled by the CCP are on the wane, and powers of justice are waking up to the challenge, the Whistleblower Movement being the perfect example of how persistent dissemination of truthful information may enlighten the public. People start to think about how to survive these harsh times, and the fear of the existential threat is steadily rising. The general public’s pain, anxiety, and anger are quickly inching towards a tipping point. Since 2020, hate speech and violence targeting ethnic Chinese have risen globally. The CCP poisoned the world with the COVID virus and manipulated the subsequent vaccination drives. However, the crime committed by the CCP may eventually lead to a massive crisis for the security and livelihood of ethnic Chinese families around the world.

Why does the overseas Chinese diaspora have to bear the retribution against the CCP’s crimes? Why do the ethnic Chinese around the world have to swallow the bitter fruit of CCP’s hostility against the world? How should the overseas Chinese community protect themselves and their families against harm with disasters looming? Will their living space be safeguarded against the backdrop of devastations from the virus and vaccination? Will they become the target of hate crimes in their resident countries? Because of the pandemic, will there be confrontations between the ethnic Chinese community and other ethnic groups? In the following analysis, we will take you through 9 points of focus and take stock of the seriousness of this threat.

1.The CCP NEVER cares about the lives of overseas Chinese. On the contrary, it has a history of instigating anti-Chinese violence in foreign countries.

The life and death of ethnic Chinese living outside of mainland China has never been the concern of the CCP. On the contrary, the CCP secretly wishes for more discrimination and hate crimes against ethnic Chinese overseas so that it would look good in providing security for those living under its rule. For example, in 1967, the CCP supported the Malaysian Communist Party in the latter’s effort to stage a coup in Indonesia with the pro-CCP Indonesian president Sugano. After the right-wing militarists led by Suharto squashed the coup, hundreds of thousands of ethnic Chinese were executed as communist sympathizers. Because of CCP’s involvement in Indonesia’s domestic political infights, the local Chinese population was targeted as a scapegoat. Under President Suharto, Indonesia banned using the Chinese language, Chinese schools, and Chinese names for more than three decades. No ethnic Chinese was allowed to work in the government. Besides Indonesia, the Chinese communities in other southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, India, and Cambodia have all been subjected to various forms of discrimination and isolation. In its entire history, the CCP has never, not for once, taken any substantive action to protect the security and safety of overseas Chinese.

2. When called upon to defend local Chinese against hate crimes, the CCP chose to look the other way. They even condoned such violence.

The violence in Indonesia against ethnic Chinese in May 1998 shocked the world. CCP’s then foreign minister did absolutely nothing to stop the tragedy. He made a public statement that said whatever was happening in Indonesia was its internal affairs, that the local Chinese were naturalized Indonesian citizens and that China would not interfere in the domestic affairs of Indonesia. The CCP turned a blind eye to the tearful calls from the Indonesian Chinese community and watched the rioters take the lives of thousands of local Chinese. CCP’s inaction opened the floodgate of violence against the ethnic Chinese in Indonesia. Many survivors turned to the local Chinese embassy for help, hoping the CCP would provide humanitarian assistance by pressuring the Indonesian government to curb the violence from escalating. However, the CCP embassy refused all diplomatic intervention and humanitarian aid, citing a lack of jurisdiction over local Chinese who had been naturalized. Many of these ethnic Chinese were later rescued by the United States, which sent in military ships and offered them political asylum.

3.The CCP exported communist DNA across the world by embedding cruelty.

The CCP exported the communist ideology through a web of overseas Chinese NGOs and associations to sabotage the values of the democratic society of the resident countries. Using non-governmental channels, the CCP sought to corrupt western society with rogue communist mentalities and authoritarian mindsets. The army of CCP agents, “little pinkies” (communism indoctrinated youngsters), and fake political dissidents take every opportunity to sow discord and instigate racial hatred. They feed the discontent among the under-privileged class by propelling the narratives on income inequality and ideological divides and attempt to brainwash the western public with utopian-style communist values.   These actions, in practicality, put a target on the entire group of ethnic Chinese by inviting those in the West looking for an outlet for their anger and resentment against China to dump such feelings on the Chinese people.

4.CCP bribes dignitaries, destroys Western democracy and universal values of democracy and freedom and sacrifices the Chinese people.

Leader of the Whistleblower movement has coined the term “BGY” to describe the three methods the CCP uses to corrupt the western society, where B(blue) stands for using influence, G stands for G(old) or financial corruption, and Y stands for Yellow, a Chinse term for honey traps. The CCP has dispatched an army of attractive male and female agents to seduce and capture political elites and celebrities with a weakness for money and/or sex. By gratifying these ugly desires, the CCP robs these influential people of their conscience, feels for justice, and becomes running dogs to the CCP by condoning its atrocities against the 1.4bn Chinese people, Hongkongers, and global ethnic Chinese. These corrupted souls choose to look away from the CCP’s vicious attacks on democracy, social justice, and universal values. When these corruption scandals eventually come to light, the western public will be tempted to vent its anger against communist China on easy targets around them. The overseas Chinese population, which has primarily been a victim of CCP’s brainwashing and deception, will likely become helpless victims again for the outpouring public rage against the CCP.

5.CCP’s propaganda arm has enormous sway over western media and has used its power to vilify the overseas Chinese diaspora. 

The CCP has used a whole-of-government approach to develop so-called “soft power.” It spent billions in setting up a global web of Confucius Institutes,  buying stakes in major global media companies, controlling virtually all Chinese language media globally, and through Wall Street firms, establishing a strong foothold of influence within big-tech and their affiliate social-media platforms. Even the once proud Hollywood has succumbed to CCP’s power and become a willing narrator of CCP’s propaganda. These strategies have paid off, and many people in the West bought the lies they were told about China and the CCP. The CCP took a hard lesion from the fall of the Soviet Union and changed its MO. It devised the BGY tactics to export its communist ideology and practices to the West and has amassed an immense base of power within the western society, powerful enough to demolish the democratic values and civil liberties from within. The recent HBO / VICE interview with Miles Guo was a prime example of a carefully choregraphed attempt to manipulate public opinion using credible western media as a front. The CCP bought off profit-driven media companies and deployed a pro-CCP journalist with a history of affiliations with the CCP propaganda regime. The goal was simple, to smear and attack the credibility of the Whistleblower Movement. The production was full of arrogant lies, phony theatrics, deceptive clipping, and staging of traps, all aimed at a single purpose – to smear and discredit Mile Guo, who has led a movement to expose the crimes and lies of the CCP. The interview process was lined with sinister traps, but the CCP was outsmarted by Miles, who masterfully turned the table around and exposed the dishonest, wicked intentions of the plot. The pompous, self-righteous host soon gave way to this deflated defensive weasel in the end. In pursuing fame and success, Isobel Yeung chose to become a running dog of the CCP. She will not be forgiven for being a willful accomplice in CCP’s crimes.    

6.The CCP has no shame in stealing Western technology and bringing shame to overseas Chinese.

Since the CCP came to power, they have not developed scientific research nor promoted technological progress. Instead, they encouraged stealing technologies and inventions from other countries as an opportunistic way to rule the country. Whether sending visiting scholars to the world’s excellent research institutes and colleges or luring overseas Chinese scholars back to their home countries with high salaries,it is all about getting what others have gotten through tens of billions of dollars of investment and research at a minimal cost. In this regard, the CCP’s B-G-Y tactics should have reached perfection, and the infiltration and erosion in overseas scientific research and academic fields have reached an unparalleled level. Few Western experts can keep their wills awake in front of the CCP’s deception, theft, and blue-gold-yellow tactics. The fall in Western science, technology, and R&D fields has exceeded people’s imagination. As more and more CCP technology spies are arrested and tried, the public’s disgust with the CCP in the West gradually increases. The overseas Chinese community is, in turn, disgraced as a result. Even the real Chinese community, rooted in Western society, is ostracized, discriminated against, and treated coldly because of the CCP’s evil deeds.

7.The CCP controls the world under the guise of the Belt and Road Initiative and the ambition of neo-colonizers.

The Belt and Road Initiative launched by the Chinese Communist Party has deceived 1.4 billion Chinese and overseas Chinese and the people in the One Belt One Road region. This so-called world community of destiny, which the Chinese Communist Party carefully packages, is a long-term project loan for these countries in the form of a paper contract with the Chinese Communist Party’s national credit as a false guarantee. However, in reality, the core resources of the host countries are used to siphon money in stock markets around the world. Then a tiny portion of the empty glove is invested in the so-called local infrastructure construction and ultimately bribed local dignitaries. In contrast, most of the money flows into the pockets of the CCP and Wall Street power elites, resulting in most of the projects along the way being destructive projects or tofu-dreg projects. Through these so-called Belt and Road Initiative national projects, the Chinese Communist Party uses the financial leverage of offshore financing against domestic guarantees.

They also use a blindfold to take the foreign exchange reserves that the ordinary Chinese people have exchanged with blood and sweat and quietly flow them into the pockets of the kleptocrats’ families and their children. Then, when the resources of these countries are emptied, and the principal and interest of the loans cannot be repaid, the CCP can justifiably blackmail the dignitaries of these countries, override the regimes of these countries as neo-colonizers, and eventually, devour these weakened countries that cannot compete with them. The CCP’s ambition has been revealed, and the people of these countries will undoubtedly turn their anger and revenge on the local Chinese communities.

8.CCP maliciously poisoned the world, controlled vaccines, covered up the truth, destroyed the U.S., and claimed hegemony.

Starting with the 100 family banquet in Wuhan at the end of 2019, the CCP has carefully planned an Unrestricted Warfare, using biochemical and informational efforts to implement the malicious viruses, control the vaccine, control public opinion, cover up the truth, and destroy the United States. The CCP’s purpose is to cover up the truth about the massacre of Hong Kong and the Xinjiang genocide, divert the economic crisis and social contradictions within the CCP, and finally unite the dark forces of the West that are being infiltrated and corroded to replace the dominant position of the U.S., and take the opportunity to seize Taiwan and become the new hegemon of the world. Without the whistleblower movement led by Mr. Miles Guo, who alerted the world with information and truth and saved countless lives; the New Federal State of China,  the righteous forces who silently put their lives on the line to surround the CCP; the CCP would have succeeded in this well-planned and directed Unrestricted Warfare. Because of Mr. Guo’s revelations over the past few years, an increasingly massive group of Westerners have understood the evil nature of the CCP, thus giving the world a chance to confront the demons of the CCP and save more lives. Without the whistleblower movement separating the CCP from the Chinese people, making the world understand that the Chinese are the biggest victims of the CCP, those who lost their lives and jobs to the virus would have despised the Chinese and all Asian communities.

9.Xi Jinping fantasizes about the hereditary inheritance of the family world and stifles the natural, civil rights of the Chinese people.

Chinese Communist dictator Xi Jinping is on the verge of losing his sanity. He wants to become the Great One in China and the great emperor of the world, fantasizing about the greatness of the tribunal of all nations. Since he came to power, he has made a big show of achieving a significant regression to the left deviation accelerating the Communist state’s overtaking North Korea as the new star of dictatorial home rule, burying the last chance for the Chinese to gain democracy and freedom. Just as the North Koreans can barely gain a foothold in the world, Emperor Xi denies overseas Chinese the right to be respected by the world. Xi has stepped into the dream of a hereditary dynasty that will stop at nothing to turn China into a new imperial dynasty, the Xi dynasty of imperial rule. As the world talks about the Communist dictator Xi Jinping, the image of China and the Chinese people are being significantly impacted and challenged. The existential crisis and security nightmare for overseas Chinese are just beginning because of Xi’s madness.

The Chinese Communist Party has not done a single good thing for the overseas Chinese community in the past 70 years. Instead, it has made the Chinese and Asians pay for, suffer from, and take responsibility for the Chinese Communist Party’s consistent rogue behavior. All Chinese people have a hometown complex, and although they have become citizens of their countries, they still cannot get rid of their sense of home, cultural perception, and living customs. That is why the Western public is always prone to confuse the concepts of China and the Chinese Communist Party and confuse overseas Chinese with communists. China, or the Chinese nation, is an ancient country with thousands of years of cultural heritage and a long history. The CCP is just a political party that has illegally ruled China for 70 years through deception. Loving China is not the same as loving the Chinese Communist Party. Leaving the homeland is not the same as betraying the country, nor is it the same as embracing the ugly behavior and rogue nature of the CCP. The Chinese Communist Party is taking advantage of the overseas Chinese homeland complex, deliberately kidnapping all Chinese people worldwide and triggering xenophobic sentiments because of the Chinese people’s identity crisis. At the same time, the CCP uses the money to buy brainless pinkos and fifty-cent trolls. Through their indecent behavior overseas, they are resented by the public, forcing the overseas Chinese to be unable to take root, forever be led by the nose by the CCP, and even become the CCP’s political tools, scapegoats, and sacrifices.

We want to call on every overseas Chinese to face the many crises brought by the CCP virus and vaccine disaster. Do not be used by the CCP to become a bargaining chip for the CCP to blackmail the world. Do not keep silent, do not fall into the emotional trap of the homeland being challenging to leave behind, and DO NOT become a mere stepping stone for the CCP to conquer the world. Wake up, Chinese brethren, those who still believe in the lies of the CCP’s extensive foreign propaganda! Please wake up, Chinese brethren, who do not care about themselves and sweep the snow in front of their doors! The crisis is not near; it is right around the corner. So let us join hands, spread the truth, confront the lies of the Chinese Communist Party’s extensive foreign propaganda, and prevent the tragedy of the Indonesian exclusion from happening again in the world. The time has come for Chinese people living in a free world to say “NO” to the Chinese Communist Party. Without removing the Chinese Communist Party, no one can enjoy genuine democracy, equality, and freedom.

Author: Rightousman

Translators: Chomolungma;Chomolungma1

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