Yet Again The Communist Regime Of China Totally Humiliates The Australian Prime Minister

Jan. 24th, 2022

According to a story by The Mail Online on January 23rd, 2022, it talks about Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s profile on China’s largest social media website was blocked by WeChat and re-branded to push the Communist nation’s propaganda in what has been dubbed a ‘blatant’ act of censorship. The Australian prime minister has recently seen his WeChat account turned into a pro-Beijing mouthpiece under the name ‘Australian Chinese new life’ which intelligence chiefs are calling ‘foreign interference’. Mr Morrison’s 76,000 followers on the ‘super app’ were sent a notification indicating they should opt-out immediately or they’d be automatically signed up to the bizarre new account.

Scott Morrison has certainly always had a very interesting relationship with the brutal totalitarian regime and has criticised them for their human rights atrocities regarding the Uyghur minorities and the peaceful participants of the Falun Gong. Many people think that the Australian Prime Minister has not gone far enough with his relatively mild attacks on the totally brutal authoritarian regimes’ treatment of absolutely everyone that they see as a threat and dares to think differently to them.

Mr Morrison’s WeChat page was renamed earlier this month, but his team has been locked out of the account dating back to July last year, according to The Daily Telegraph. Due to limits on users operating outside of China, the PM employed a locally-based operations unit to post information for Chinese Australians on the platform. After discovering they were unable to log in the team made several approaches to WeChat about regaining access, all of which went unanswered. The most recent communication was an email sent by Mr Morrison’s team on January 10th, which also fell upon deaf ears.

The account has since seen the Australian leaders’ picture deleted and become a profile to ‘provide life information for overseas Chinese in Australia’, according to a translation. WeChat, which is owned by tech firm Tencent, is regularly monitored and censored by the Chinese Communist Party. Mr Morrison would have been well aware of the communist regimes’ total control of the WeChat social media platform before he signed up to it, so once again Mr Morrison has either made another bad decision regarding Chinese relations or has done this deliberately for reasons yet unknown. But for a Prime Minister of a country with a huge trade partner like communist China, his naivety may cost him and the country he represents much.

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