WHO recommended the abolition of international travel vaccine passport

Translated by: MOS Gospel Team – lilian89 

On January 19th, the World Health Organization released a statement from the January 13th interim meeting of the CCP Virus Pandemic Emergency Committee.

The statement put forward the WHO to the State party, 11 interim recommendations.

The sixth of these recommendations is “in favor of lifting or relaxing the international travel ban”.

The seventh is “in favor of not requiring proof of CCP virus vaccination for international travel”, meaning WHO is at least recommending the elimination of vaccine passports for international travel.

Analysts believe that, although it is not clear what the WHO intends to do with this move. But this recommendation has a positive effect on many countries, at least in terms of promoting the elimination of vaccine mandates.

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  1. https://www.who.int/news/item/19-01-2022-statement-on-the-tenth-meeting-of-the-international-health-regulations-(2005)-emergency-committee-regarding-the-coronavirus-disease-(covid-19)-pandemic

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