Epidemic and Vaccine Policies Are Seriously Undermining New York’s Medical and Health Care System

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On January 22, foreign media news, shortages of healthcare workers caused by the Omicron variant are wreaking havoc on the health care system, including the morgue, officials at a top hospital in New York City said.

Brown, chief executive of One Brooklyn Health, a group of nursing homes and hospitals in the central part of the district, told reporters on Friday that staffing shortages continue to plague the entire health care system. Some hospitals are even having difficulty transporting bodies to mortuaries and funeral homes.

Brown said, currently many employees are either infected with the CCP virus or in quarantine with sick family members. Also, because of New York State’s mandatory vaccination policy, healthcare workers who have not been vaccinated are unable to attend work. All of this has resulted in longer wait times in emergency rooms and longer waits for people to be placed in the hospital.

The spread and implementation of the CCP’s virus vaccine policy not only failed to stop the worsening of the epidemic, but also seriously affected the normal service and work efficiency of the staff in the medical system, which can be considered as adding to the misery.

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