Texas Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Vaccine Mandate on Federal Employees

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Sania

On January 21, Jeffrey Vincent Brown, local court judge of Southern Texas issued a nationwide restraining order that temporarily blocked Biden’s mandatory vaccines order on federal employees, saying Biden did not have the authority to approve it without congressional input.

The lawsuit against the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate was initiated by a group called the Alliance for Medical Freedom.

In recent months, Biden has promoted several vaccine mandates. The first one is for large corporations which was blocked by the supreme court. The another one is for health care workers which is now allowed to take effect.

Judge Brown’s ruling is not a final ruling on the policy. But merely prevents enforcement while the lawsuit is pending. The Biden administration said at the same day that they planed to appeal to the 5th circuit court of appeals. The 5th circuit’s ruling could also be appealed to the supreme court.

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