Miles Guo’s 24th Jan 2022 Broadcast Highlights Summary

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Putin will extend his stay in Beijing for the Winter Olympics in exchange for more monetary rewards promised by Xi Jinping. The magnificent opening ceremony will be held at the Great Hall of the people. Its grandiosity symbolises the rise of the new world power (China and its allies Russia and Iran).

More and more people believe that vaccines are specifically engineered bioweapons. After seeing Pangu hotel has its dragon head shape tower changed into a tortoise head shape, many acquittances of Miles are convinced that what he said about the vaccines is true.

Female foreigners residing in China, where mass Covid testing is currently being conducted have to endure humiliating PCR anal swab tests. The test is performed by a male authority surrounded by many male onlookers. It is not sure if a photo or video is being secretly taken.

Many Communist members in China did not take the Sinopharm vaccine. A mayor was telling his subordinates not to inject themselves with the vaccines but also warned them not to help the ordinary citizens avoid the jab. Like so many communist members, the mayor thinks the commoners are undeserving of help as they may expose the crime to higher authorities instead of thanking them.

The CCP will use the collapse of China’s property market groups such as Evergrande and Wanda to crumble the global economy. For example, Evergrande has between 1 to 2 trillion-dollar debt, but its assets are no more than a couple of hundred million dollars.

Even when the world has printed 260 trillion dollars in the past 26 months, the recent stock market is still falling. Less than 3 trillion out of these 260 trillion printed dollars have flowed into digital currencies. This showed that digital currencies still has plenty of potential growth. Himalaya Exchange prides itself in having the best KYC, unlike Binance, where people hold 99% of the money without a proper KYC. Binance is a mere tool for the CCP to launder and scam money.

China state media is surprisingly quiet about the Winter Olympics. The CCP is not confident in knowing who is attending or boycotting the Olympics and has difficulty planning for the event’s programmes. One thing for certain is that the CCP has already arranged with various foreign media to write only good things about the Olympics. The news will praise how well the Olympics are organised and how the Covid situation is under control. China will also claim to have at least 1.2 billion viewers over the air and internet. 

The New Federal States of China will make sure the Winter Olympics will not go smoothly and has already planned a contravening campaign within the second inner circle of Beijing. The campaign, codenamed operation Sweetie, is a non-violent obstructing campaign that will haunt Xi for the rest of his life.

Xi believes the US cannot face two wars at the same time. Xi has struck an agreement with Putin for Russia to attack Ukraine while China is taking over Taiwan. Miles does not think Putin is serious about conquering Ukraine, and the recent Russia-Ukraine tension is just a ruse to accommodate Xi’s wish. However, there is a chance that Putin’s theatrics may turn into reality, and Russia will end up seizing Ukraine. Russia is also more likely to attack Kyiv directly rather than starting the attack at the Russia-Ukraine border or Kyiv’s neighbouring towns.

Source: Miles Guo’s 24th Jan 2022 Broadcast on GTV and GETTR

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