Yet Another Winter Olympic Games With Artificial Snow Is Probably Beijing’s Least Problem

Jan. 24th, 2022

According to a report by NetWeather.TV on January 22nd, 2022, it talks about how the first snow of 2022 fell on Beijing on January 20th with just two weeks until the start of the Winter Olympics in China and another thin covering on Saturday 22nd. China has moved into the final solar term, one of 24 parts of the calendar year, known as ‘Dahan’, the major cold. This leads up to Lunar New Year on the 1st February with the Opening Ceremony being on the 4th. There were ice warnings for the capital and sub-zero temperatures as the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) “mobilised their meteorological services for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games” but not enough snow for the Olympians. The snow cannons have been working overtime.

But with the political boycotts and the justifiably bad press due to the human rights violations of the Uyghur minorities and the Falun Gong the lack of snow is the least problem for the communist regime. Many countries have decided to not send any government official or representative due to the ongoing human rights atrocities. This seems like too little too late as surely a more powerful message could have been sent to the communist dictatorship by not sending any athletes as this would have caused a massive conversation regarding the reasons for such a decision.

The weather is often a feature of the Olympics. The delayed summer Games in Japan started with a Typhoon on the way, Neparatak. There was searing heat and no public audience due to the pandemic. The last winter Games in Korea, PyeongChang 2018 had a very cold start. Extra windshields were erected and heaters had to be brought into the stadiums. There have been growing concerns about the number of viable locations for the winter Games in the future as our climate changes. Artificial snow is becoming the norm. Like many parts of the world, last year was China’s hottest year on record. The CMA said that the average temperature in 2021 was 10.7C. The highest since 1961 when records began.

Also politically it has been heating up in China with all the obviously horrendous and totally avoidable deaths due to the release of the CCP virus, the Coronavirus which was not only developed in mainland China but was then released either intentionally or by some kind of incompetent mistake.

Covid and politics have already thrown up some massive issues for Beijing 2022. Attendance for these Games has been hit in many areas. China has just cancelled plans to sell Olympic tickets to the public as the number of Covid cases continues to rise. Athletes, support staff, volunteers, and the media will all be kept in a tightly controlled “closed bubble” away from the rest of the population. Some competitors such as players in the NHL (National Hockey League in North America) have decided not to participate in the 2022 Olympics because of disruption to their league season because of the CCP virus.

Artificial snow machines will be working overtime as will the propaganda machine of the totalitarian regime in a desperate attempt to make these already sullied genocide games as successful as they can, and this will be done at any cost, and censorship and total control of any narrative are the biggest tools that they have.

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