Israel, With the World’s Highest Vaccination Rate, Hits a Record High Number of New Infections

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Recently, the Israeli Ministry of Health announced that more than 72,000 people had tested positive for COVID-19 (CCP virus), the largest increase in the number of infections in the country since the outbreak. And it’s worth noting that Israel has the highest COVID-19 vaccination rate in the world.

On January 19, the Israeli Ministry of Health issued a statement saying that the total number of COVID-19 (CCP virus) active cases in the country rose to nearly 400,000, of which 533 are currently hospitalized in critical condition.

According to data on January 20, Israel, a country where nearly half of its citizens received 3 shots of the COVID-19 vaccine and has the highest vaccination rate in the world, is leading the world in the number of new daily cases.

Photo from the Epoch Times

According to the Times of Israel, Eran Segal, a biologist at the Weizmann Institute of Science, confirmed the data. He explained that after comparing the seven-day average infection data for each country, Israel tops the list in terms of the number of infections.

The Omicron variant has proven to be better at evading the COVID-19 vaccine than earlier CCP virus strains, with even higher infection rates among vaccinated populations, and in recent weeks it has infected millions of vaccinated people around the world.

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疫苗接種率世界最高 以色列新感染再創紀錄

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