GETTR Overtook CNN in Ratings on Saturday Night, Data Shows

Translated by: MOS  Education Team – Winsun

On January 20, GETTR cites the latest data from Nielsen Media Research as saying that GETTR crushed CNN in prime-time ratings last Saturday night.  At the time, GETTR’s three livestreaming accounts had a maximum of nearly 1 million viewers, watching former US President Trump’s rally in Arizona online.  That number pales in comparison to the 705,000 people attracted to CNN’s news and movie programming at the same time.

 “These numbers should serve as a wake-up call for Big Tech and Big Media: Your audiences are leaving you in droves to find a place that supports free speech and can gain  A platform for value information.”

 In the 2021 GETTR Global User Awards, Miles Guo, the winner of the CCP’s biggest nightmare award, said in his GETTR live broadcast on January 21 that in the future, GETTR will be more valuable for users to “earn money by using GETTR”.


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