The 2022 Winter Olympics will be an Opportunity to Destroy the CCP

Translated by: MOS  Education Team – Winsun

In the live broadcast on January 21, 2022, Miles Guo talked about how he obtained and played videos of hundreds of dogs being killed to Westerners. Westerners were shocked and felt disgusted after watching it.

 It is reported that the Winter Olympics will also use foods such as protected fish in Tibet that Westerners dare not touch, for athletes to eat.  This behavior led the Hollywood team to decide not to participate in the Winter Olympics, and it is believed that more and more people will give up participating.  In addition, Xi Jinping’s “clear to zero” policy has committed three major taboos. First, it declares success too early; second, the clearing zero policy is an act of suicide that goes against common sense; third, economic exchanges lead to economic collapse.

Miles pointed out that the Winter Olympics are a gift from God and a nightmare for the Chinese Communist Party. The Winter Olympics helped Xi Jinping open the door to the source of the virus, and the Biden administration gave the CCP a must-have topic for the source of the virus and decoupling. The operation of the Whistleblower Movement on the CCP’s Winter Olympics will become a classic case of one person fighting one country in the future.  The disaster of the CCP’s Winter Olympics has become irreversible and has become a favorable opportunity to destroy the CCP.


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