US Attorney Said Supreme Court Ruling Blocking Vaccine Mandate Has Broad Effects

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Angelina

On Jan 20, Miles Guo reposted a video clip on his GETTR . During an interview on the Supreme Court struck down Joe Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate, California Attorney David Wohl said after the ruling , even though Biden’s government is still pushing businesses to make their own vaccine mandates, their influence is pretty weak. The Supreme Court ruling has much broader effects. This kind of ruling, if ignored by the individual states, such as California, will invite lawsuits that could bankrupt states. While OSHA does have the authority to regulate the healthcare industry, beyond that it would be foolish for businesses to continue vaccine mandates.

When talking about people who are fired because they refuse to take vaccine or get tested every week, Wohl said according

To this ruling, they can file very strong wrongful lawsuit to get their jobs back, or even some punitive compensations.

As to the much concerned , but the high court did not retain directly kids vaccine mandate, Wohl said the high court ruling has controlling authority on any lawsuits. Government should not overreach as to what people allow into their body in terms of drugs and vaccines . And government overreaching maybe in trouble now.


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