Beijing Blames Virus Outbreak on International Parcels!

Sailing Farm, Vancouver, Canada ,Broadcast: Qiufeng ,Video Production: Gracelshan

Because a new confirmed Covid case was detected in Beijing two days ago, the Beijing Center for Disease Control held the 267th press conference on Covid prevention tasks, as reported by Sina on January 17, 2022.

According to the press conference, preliminary analysis believes this virus case is in the early stage of infection. By epidemiological studies and big data comparison, it is found the infection case doesn’t overlap with any group at risk, and cold-chain frozen food-related to the case all tested negative. A step-by-step investigation finds the confirmed Covid case in Beijing is very likely related to an international parcel from Canada. The virus infecting the patient is highly similar to some virus strains in North America and Singapore.

The Beijing CDC reminds city residents to minimize the purchase of items from abroad, to reduce buying foreign merchandise, to avoid gatherings and recommends staying in Beijing for the Chinese New Year. Meanwhile, the government will implement disease-prevention measures on Beijing-bound parcels from foreign or domestic areas of epidemics, and will also ramp up restrictions on personnel entering or exiting Beijing.

In recent years, the Chinese Communist Party has blamed the CCP virus (Covid) on these things: bats, imported fruits, salmon, auto parts and tires, and international parcels… Any object with a name becomes the CCP’s scapegoat. The CCP virus (Covid) is created by the CCP, and the Covid vaccines are also developed by the CCP—these are a pair of bioweapons! In the run-up to the opening of the Winter Olympics, the CCP’s real motive is to show off its governance ability to the outside world for political purposes and to add more draconian restrictions on the common people, whether a real Covid case is detected in Beijing or not.

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