How was a British police officer corrupted in Hong Kong?


Author: ILoveJustice(HKer)

“Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” As Hong Kong descends into a police state under the tyranny of Communist rule, British-born Chief Superintendent Rupert Dover shows how absolute power turns the Asia Finest into a Mafia. 

Dover, a chief superintendent, is well-paid with a handsome monthly salary of HK$ 180,000. However, he lives, possibly illegally, in a significantly underpriced mansion-like residence that is categorized as a “licensed structure”. Besides, Apple Daily exposed yesterday that the Chief Superintendent owns 60% stock share of his family business, Voltage Stabilisers International(HK)Limited, to sell air-conditioning adaptors to the British market. This constitutes a violation of “Police General Orders”.

The so-called “licensed structures” refer to the houses built on the government land lots as a disaster relief method. Thus they are not allowed to be sold or rent in the market. Dover moved to the house in 2018 and claimed that he purchased it from his wife’s family. Since the “licensed structures” can only be sold to direct family members, Apple Daily inferred that Dover might have breached the law. When reporters went to the place for news investigation, Dover hid himself in a public toilet.

Neighbors complained that the Dovers were noisy, but the complaints were deliberately ignored and the complainers were sometimes bullied by the police officers. When Apple Daily reporters tried to interview the neighbors, flocks of policemen appeared. They arrested and handcuffed the report, shouting frenetically, “don’t you know this is Dover’s house?”

Dover is a household name in the city not only for his senior position in Hong Kong Police Force but also for his iron hand tactics to disperse peaceful protesters. On June 12, when 2 million people joined the procession to stop the LegCo passing the notorious Extradition Law, Dover was the first police officer who ordered to fire rubber bullets, beanbag rounds and pepper spray on the peaceful protesters. 

Since then, whenever there was a large crowd to protest the tyranny, Dover would be on the spot to organize “raptor attacks” against the citizens and smear them “riots”. His Anglo face attracted the cameras of journalists, and citizens started to question Beijing’s unfounded allegations on the manipulation of “foreign forces”. 

Since the “Umbrella Movement” in 2014, Beijing has been blaming the “foreign forces” for social disorders in Hong Kong, but none of the state media has ever specified the members of the dark forces. Insiders said the state media have made it a rule not to explain the “foreign forces” in detail because the allegation is just a “political ploy”. 

On the other hand, Dover, as well as senior superintendent David Jordan, are apparent the “foreign” forces who are natives of Hertford in England but support Beijing’s suppression in Hong Kong.

History tells more about the real “dark exteral forces” in Hong Kong. In 1967, mainland Communists instigated riots in Hong Kong and gave rise to the team of riot police. In 2014, the riot police was a handy tool of Beijing to suppress young protesters who asked Beijing to obey the Sino-British Joint-Declaration. Last year, the riot police, or Raptor, played an essential role to attack, arrest and torture young armless protestors. 

One may ask, what makes the colonial task forces serve notorious CCP with heart and soul? Dove’s case is the answer. Beijing offers senior officers privileges, both economically and politically, and corrupt the police force. Dover is undoubtedly not the only British being corrupted by the evil power of CCP. The case indicates how the world falls into the victim of the corruptive destructive CCP Mafia. 

Retribution is real. Early in last December, Cover, who first used the pepper spray to disperse peaceful protestors, was also the first police officer who were mistakenly attacked with pepper spray by his colleagues. When he is about to deploy another suppression in May, his corruptions, as well as the foolish arrogance of Hong Kong Police Force, has been exposed. 

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and it collapse absolutely.

Apple Daily’s report on Rupert Cover. Source: Apple Daily.

File picture: Local media’s report on Rupert Cover ordered fire rubber bullets on peaceful protestors.

Rupert Cover’s picture was posted on a pole in his hometown for the police brutality in Hong Kong, Source: Dimsumdaily Hong Kong 

Rupert Cover at work. Source: Epoch Times

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